*New* Top 5 Android Games That Don’t Need WiFi – 2018


Following are the Best Android Games That Don’t Need WiFi. Yes, you really don’t any connection to play any of these games. There are a number of places where we cannot access our WiFi connection. Moreover, you can say that there is no free WiFi everywhere. Although it’s a common thing now, still there are few places which are considered as stone age areas.

That’s why we have collected the best Android Games That Don’t Need WiFi. All you have to do is download and install them on your Android devices. It won’t matter that you are connected to a WiFi network or not.

Let’s get started and shed some light on all of these games, which can be played without WiFi.

Android Games That Don’t Need WiFi

Android Games That Don’t Need WiFi-2018:

Following are all the games that you can play on Android without connecting to WiFi network.

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BADLAND is said the be one of the best games of 2013 for Android, taken Awards from 3 gaming platforms in the time of 2012-2013 is still at the top of Free games in Android. The best thing about this game is the Multi-Player, over 4 people can play on the same device for up to 22 levels.

Android Games That Don’t Need WiFi
Android Games That Don’t Need WiFi

The game commences in a Forest, which more looks like a forest form a Fairy-Tale but upon further inspection, you will realize that there is something entirely wrong with it. You will be given the control over a Forest inhabitant to explore the forest to see what’s going on.

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Hungry Shark World:

The Hungry Shark World takes the likes of Shark Evolution to a whole new level. Hungry Shark World is in-fact the sequel of Hungry Shark Evolution. This new game has been put forward by Ubisoft, the same guys who are behind popular titles like Rayman Origins, Trials Frontier and others. Hungry Shark World’s gameplay is much simple.

What you’ve to do in this game is exactly what its title suggests. You’re given a Hungry Shark, you’ve to feed it and grow it up. Your Shark is free to eat every single thing that comes on its way. You have a variety of 17 Shark species in this game. As your shark grows up, it can swim faster, bite harder and take over the sea as fast as you can imagine.

You can roam in the world like Pacific Island, Arctic Ocean, and the Arabian Sea. Hungry Shark World packs up a plethora of features inside stunning 3D graphics to spice up the gameplay. This game happens to be absolutely free to download and play.

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Shadow Fight 2:

Shadow Fight 2 lets you equip your Character with countless weapons, which are quite lethal, and some armor sets which are quite rare.

Having the dozen of skills and Martial art techniques, this character is the most fearsome Player ever. The only drawback is that the bots in this game are somehow stronger than your Character.

Especially, Ai is one of the best opponents you’ll face with one of the best Countermeasure ever.

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Asphalt 8: Airborne:

Asphalt 8: Airborne, as the name suggests packs up the new Dynamic Aerial stunts. The game consists of new cars, new tracks in addition to these Gameloft also added the Music Track change feature to the game.

Android Games That Don’t Need WiFi
Android Games That Don’t Need WiFi

The graphics are much improved from the previous additions of the Asphalt series. The game consists of 47 cars, out of which, 80% are new according to Gameloft. The new stunts like barrel rolls, wild 360-degree jumps, and the new locations are just awesome.

This game also sports new features in the career mode, simultaneous multiplayer and ghost challenge mode is also there, while the car damage system looks even more realistic.

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Hill Climb Racing 2:

Fingersoft, the developers of Hill Climb Racing have released the sequel of their popular racing game. The sequel is named as Hill Climb Racing 2. The game takes the legacy of Hill Climb Racing a step ahead.

The new Hill Climb Racing 2 has the same game-play, it adds a number of new features, packed up in new graphics and brings tons of exciting levels.

Hill Climb Racing 2 offers stunning graphics making the game much more beautiful than it ever was. New locations are there for you to have a long-drive while you collect coins and perform stunts.

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