Best Free Android XAPK Installers of 2020


XAPK Installers have become a must-have today. There are only a few XAPK installers out there. Out of those few, finding the best ones is quite a task. If you are looking for the best Android XAPK Installer, you will find it here. Here is the list of best Android XAPK Installers of 2020.

  1. Pure APK Install
  2. APKPure
  3. Up to Down Android
  4. APK Installer Proandroid xapk installers

Before you chose the XAPK Installer for your Android phone, its important to learn what an XAPK file is and how these XAPK Installers can help you.

XAPK Files

APK files of Android applications are just like exe files of Windows software. The APK file of an Android application allows you to install the app without the Google Play Store. A majority of Android applications have there data files embedded inside the APK files, but when it comes to the large Android games or apps, they use large data files. These large data files are called OBB files and these are stored in the Android\obb\ folder of an Android phone. Generally, when you install a game from the Google Play Store, it installs its interface file only, which is an APK. When you launch that game, it starts downloading its obb files from the servers and stores them directly in the obb folder. This happens only for bigger games.

If you try installing such large games manually, you have to download the obb and APK files separately. You copy the files to your phone, install the APK and manually move the obb files into their folder.

Some developers who didn’t like this idea of manually dealing with two different files, they merged these files into one, hence, invented the XAPK files.

So, in literal terms, an XAPK is a file having APK file and OBB files. XAPK = APK + OBB.

Having an XAPK file of a game will save you all that download time from game’s servers. The XAPK sources generally provide an amazing download speed, which is way faster than the Google Play or Game Developer’s servers.

There is only a couple of sources that provide XAPK files. These files are more trustworthy as compared to those separate files.

XAPK Installers

As I mentioned earlier, there were ways to install data files and apks manually, but as things evolved, we got new tools and methods. The XAPK files, which are not supported by ZIP extractors and simple APK installers, can be installed via XAPK installers only. The XAPK installers use those specific perimeters to extract files from the XAPK. The files are then automatically copied and installed on an Android phone. All it takes is a single touch to install a game of more than 2 or 3GB within one minute.

Assuming that you know what is an XAPK File and an XAPK Installer, let’s take a look at the Android XAPK Installers.

Android XAPK Installers

Pure APK Install

Pure APK Install is a desktop application. Most of the Android users download XAPK files on their computers. If you are one of those users and you don’t want to copy the XAPK to the phone, you will find Pure APK Install useful.

In this program, you can select the XAPK file that you want to install. After that, you can select the storage space of your phone i.e. internal or external, and then all you need to do is to hit the Install button.

While connecting your phone to the computer, you must have the USB Debugging mode enabled on it. The Pure APK Install will fail otherwise.

Pure APK Install comes from APKPure, which is the largest independent APK repository. The Pure APK Install is absolutely free and has no limits.

The reason it happens to grab the first spot is its simplest UI.


The guys over APKPure actually polished this idea of XAPK. Their APKPure app supported the XAPK installation first of all. The application is like an alternative to the Google Play Store. Within the same application, you will find APK and XAPK Manager. It can detect all the uninstalled APK and XAPK files in your phone. The App shows you a list of all the apps that you haven’ installed. Click on the application’s icon will install it. APKPure application can delete the APK files after installation, which will save the storage on the device. You can either download the XAPK files using this application or you can download on your computer and copy to the phone.


Up to Down is quite similar to the APKPure. It is also supported by its independent app store. The Up to Down guarantees the safety of all the applications it hosts. You can use this application has a stand-alone XAPK installer, or you can use it as a replacement of the Play Store too. One thing that I like the most about Up to Down store is that it has almost every single application that you will not find on the Google Play Store.

Platforms like APKPure and Up to Down are quite friendly to the Indie-developers.

APK Installer Pro

The last one in the list is APK Installer Pro. Just as its name suggests, it is nothing more than an APK handler. It has very solid filters in place which can show you the apps that are not installed or the ones installed only. Apart from installing the APKs and XAPKs, you can manage the previously installed apps on your phone too. The search button will let you file the desired files too. To install the XAPKs through APK Installer, you must copy the XAPK files to your phone first. The installer will automatically detect them and then list.


That’s all. There may be many other XAPK installer apps out there, but we have to go with the ones that ensure a user’s safety. In our opinion, the apps listed above are the best ones. If you have anything to add to this list or any query, feel free to drop it in the comments section below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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