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Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system in the world, Most of the mobile phone users own an Android smartphone whether a high end or low end. In the past few years, a number of new smartphone companies has arise which adds to it. The reason which helps Android to sit atop of all other mobile phone operating systems is its vast and open source development and millions of apps available in the Google Play Store, that can be downloaded for free or purchased directly on your phone. But a huge number of applications sometimes makes you confused about which one to select or which one is the best as there may be multiple apps to perform a same task.

Are you a game freak, or you want to test how strong your brain is, through games? Well, Our concern here is to pick out the 10 best and free Brain & Puzzle games for Android in order to save your time while looking out for the best mind games. Let’s have a look on the list we made.

Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Shoot Bubble Deluxe_TechBeasts

Developed by City Games LLC, Shoot Bubble Deluxe is the Puzzle Bubble game that prompts the players to make a combination of at least 3 same colored bubbles and pop em’, upon clearing the  bored before the time runs out, the players are promoted to the next level. The game features 3 modes Puzzle, Arcade & Game Center. In the Puzzle mode, the players can shoot the balls to make combinations, the bubbles come down after a specific time interval and you need to finish the level before it overs the game. There are over 300 levels in the Puzzle mode, while in the Arcade mode, the bubbles come down gradually and one has to shoot the bubbles before they touch the bottom. In the Game Center, the players get 10 points for each blast of the bubbles and can submit the high score to the global leader boards. Download the APK file here or get it on Google Play Store.


Cut the RopeCut The Rope Full Free_Techbeasts


As the name suggests, you have to cut the Rope that hangs the Candy at its end, the Rope should be cut in such a way that the little monster Om Nom catches and eats it. The game consists of over 375 levels. With each level, the game gets tough. You can collect the gold stars by cutting the Rope in right direction, and discover hidden prizes. Cut the Rope has become a widely played fun game. Download the APK file Here or get it on Google Play Store.


Unblock MeUnblock Me_Techbeasts

Simple, Addictive and Mind boggling game. A Red block is stuck between the brown blocks, and wants you to get it unblocked just as the name suggests. The other blocks can be moved vertically or horizontally depending upon their direction, and you got to pave a way for out of em’ to release the Red one. The game consists of different difficulty levels from Beginner to Expert, different game modes Relax and Challenge,  and over 6500 different puzzles. My choice to pass the time when I’m free, go ahead and download the APK file from here or get it on Google Play Store.


Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles:

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzle_TechBeasts


Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles prompts the players to solve jigsaws. The game is meant to be for the people of all ages. You can use your own pictures in the game and join the pieces to solve the jigsaw, no two pieces are of same shape. There is a wide variety of themed photos available as well in the game that can be used to make the jigsaw puzzle and solve it. Download the APK file here or get it on Google Play Store.




  Flow FreeFlow Free_Techbeasts

The game you would love to play. Simple, easy and addictive. You need to join different colors by drawing pipes and create a flow. Upon joining all the colors properly and creating a flow, you are promoted to the next level. The game consists of over 1000 different puzzles and a number of different levels. Also you can pickup from a number of different level packs, that includes Regular Pack, Bridge Pack etc. The Bridge pack allows you to pass two different pipes through a same block. Download the game right now from HERE or get it on Google Play Store and have fun 😀


 Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz_TechBeasts


While trying different products, have you ever cared about the logos? Well, its time to test how much strong is your brain and how good do you remember the logos. Logo Quiz prompts the players to identify different logos and earn points accordingly. The game somehow helps you to become familiar with different products, and adds to your general knowledge. Download Logo Quiz  from here or get it on Google Play Store and have fun playing it.


Tic Tac Toe



Remember playing the cross and tick game in your school? Well, that fun is unforgettable when we used to play it on the desks of our classes, on the walls, and only a few times on our copies. Tic Tac Toe is available in the Google Play Store and is same as the one we used to play in real. Beat the Android’s player if you can. The game consists of different difficulty levels. Download it here right now  or get it on Google Play Store and check how much strong is your brain.



Where’s My Water 2

Where's My Water_Techbeasts


A nice game by Disney. Where’s My Water 2 is the sequel of the popular Where’s My Water. You got to help Swampy by guiding water towards him, and get rid of his broken shower. Where’s My Water 2 has got three new locations that include Sewer, the Soap Factory, the Beach. There are over 100+ levels to play on. You will definitely love it upon playing. Download the APK here or get it on Google Play Store.



Jewels Star

Jewels Star


Quite similar to the Shoot Bubble Deluxe, this game contains the jewels in a board. The players have to make combination of at least 3 same jewels in order to pop em’. Finishing the game, popping all the jewels promotes you to the higher level. The game consists of over 350 levels and 8 different scenes. Consists of different bonus prizes as well. Download the APK file here, or get it on Google Play Store.




4 Pics One Word4Words 1 Pic_Techbeasts

Another mini and lite game for the Android users, is quite addictive once you learn to play it properly. The game prompts the users to name a picture, the picture actually contains a set of 4 pictures and all 4 pictures have one specific thing in common. You need to identify that and name it, and that’s what the game’s name suggests “3 Pics One Word”. Download the APK file or get on Google Play Store.



This list is based on the randomly picked games from the Google Play Store, that were found interesting and addictive. These are not ranked as best after one another, you may find a lot of other interesting games in the Play Store. In case you feel that some games are missing in the list, or some games should be replaced, feel free to stop by the comment box below. We will act accordingly.

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