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Download The Sims FreePlay app on your PC. From the creators of The Sims comes a complete Sims experience on mobile. Grow SimTown to expand your Sim community and create an entire town with your own style

Sims Freeplay for Mac

The Sims Freeplay PC app?

Parents need to know that The Sims FreePlay for PC is “freemium” app that is free to download and play, but offers players many opportunities to buy in-game content.

Even without spending a dime, though, this is a full Sims game, complete with house-building, job hunting, and relationships. Two Sims characters can have sex, though it is referred to in the game as “woohoo!” and contains no graphic depictions. Sims characters can also fight one another.

The Sims FreePlay for Windows is a version of the beloved life Sim that combines the features you love with a brand new experience for your device that you can play for free. Build and personalize your own town and control up to 34 Sims by choosing their jobs, pets, cars, and more in the deepest Sims experience for mobile devices yet.

How to Play

Complete actions to level up and earn Simoleons and Lifestyle Points for access to new items, decorations, and buildings. Your Sims live in a persistent world so take them with you and check-in anytime to see what they’re doing. Continual game updates and social features like visiting your friend’s towns and comparing them with the leaderboard means you’ll have a great new experience every time

THE SIMS FREEPLAY for PC is a great transition of the ever-popular Sims franchise to the portable world of mobile devices. It is a “freemium” app, which usually means players need to pour in a lot of real money after they’ve become hooked, but this game actually provides a vast, expansive experience for players without needing to spend a single penny.

Although it is only a fraction of the size of its high-end PC game counterparts, this app manages to capture the same level of endless features and options for which the series has become so renowned. The touch-screen control takes a bit of getting used to and the responsiveness is not always perfect, but as far as apps that players can really sink their teeth into, this one ranks at just about the very top.

A limited number of houses can be built depending on the player’s level and in any case not exceeding that of empty land on the city map. The player can build a house starting from standard blueprints that include houses to be furnished (lower price) or already furnished (higher price) or from special architect projects, also can start from extra game projects if unlocked in one of the various missions.

Sims Freeplay app on PC


The game features four types of currency: Simoleons, Lifestyle Points, and Social Points, the latter being obtainable by spending real currency or earning it in-game. The player can earn Free Life Points inside the Home Store.

Life Stages

There are 6 life stages and they differ from each other both in terms of the graphic aspect of the sim and the actions it can perform. Each Sim can advance in stage (therefore in age) via a birthday cake, an item that is obtained for the price of five life points after a day of work on a sim in the oven.[citation needed] The various characteristics for each stage are these:

  • Infant: to give birth to an infant, just buy a crib from the catalog and wait 24 hours for the stork for the birth of the Sim.
  • Toddler: Toddlers can do many things, such as walking, talking, going to the toilet, going to bed alone, riding toy horses, and more.
  • Preteen: When a Sim is preteen, they can start pursuing hobbies like dance and Karate, go to Sim elementary school, and learn to read and write accordingly.
  • Teen: The ability to become a teen Sim was introduced with an update released in October 2013, along with the ability to build the Sim’s High School. Teens can have romantic relationships and become “teenage idols”. They can also start using the stove and toaster for cooking.
  • Adult: The main state of the game. An adult Sim has the ability to work, build homes, and start a family. This is the only case in which it is possible to create a sim without cost, it is enough to have a free house to be able to create a new adult sim.
  • Senior: If adult Sims use a birthday cake they will become senior. Seniors can have new hobbies, play bingo, and have new animals, such as birds.
    House customization
Sims Freeplay app PC download

How to Install The Sims FreePlay app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need to install an Android emulator on your PC, I will recommend the BlueStacks emulator.
  2. Complete the installation of the emulator on your PC.
  3. Open the emulator and look for the PlayStore app on the home screen.
  4. You will be required to log in using your Google ID.
  5. Search for The Sims FreePlay app and click on the install button to start the installation process.

You can also use the app from your smartphone as well, follow this LINK.

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