Samsung launches a new teaser for Galaxy S8 in South Korea


Samsung does not want people to forget about its upcoming flagship. Daunted by LG G6 sales, Samsung started off their promotional campaign for Galaxy S8 a few days ago. Now they have another promotional teaser for us which features a countdown to number 8 and indicates ‘Completion and a new Beginning’


The 15 second teaser starts in the same way that first teaser did, bouncing balls till number 8. The you see a young man heading towards the door which is shaped with rounded corners similar to what we see with Galaxy S8. The door opens to a ‘dynamic galaxy‘ with asteroids and rocks popping here and there. Assessing from the teaser Samsung is hinting at the VR elements that are  apart of the device and maybe some AR feature s as well. We haven’t heard about the AR features to date, so a bit skeptical about it.

Samsung will be announcing Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on March 29th, in the teaser it is March 30th as there is a huge time difference between London and New York where the unpacked event will take place. The smartphone will come in 3 colors of Black Sky, Arctic Silver and Orchid Grey.

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