Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has already been rooted


Ladies and Gentlemen! The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ have made it to the customers in over 70 countries today. It’s just been a few hours only since the Note 10 owners started getting their hands on the device. The famous XDA-Developer and our dear friend Dr.Ketan has already rooted the phone.

Galaxy Note 10+ Rooted
Galaxy Note 10+ Rooted

You heard it right. The Galaxy Note 10+ is already rooted. Dr Ketan has achieved the root with the help of System-as-root method. This method was put up by Topjohnwu, the developer of Magisk.

That being said, I have personally spoken to Dr Ketan asking about Magisk support. The Note 10+’s root comes with complete Magisk support right now.

As far as the TWRP custom recovery is concerned, there is no word about it. Samsung hasn’t released the Kernel Source Code for the Galaxy Noet handsets which means the custom recovery will be delayed for a while. As soon as the developers get their hands on the Kernal Source Code, we will get the TWRP recovery too.

Dr.Ketan is currently working on compiling the Galaxy Note 10+ root guide. The guide will be up in a bit and we will have it on our site too.

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