iMega Cam for PC, Windows 10 & Mac


A simple step by step guide on how to download and use iMega Cam on PC. When I mean PC, I mean Windows 10, 7, XP, and Mac operating system.

Before we jump to any conclusion let me clear a few things. First, there is no iMega Cam PC version available it’s only designed for smartphones. You cannot directly install Android Apps on your PC and in order to use iMega Cam for PC. You will be needing an Android Emulator.

What’s iMega Cam and Why it is popular?

  • iMega Cam allows users to view the recorded video on the IP camera in real-time. The app has been optimized by the developers to quickly capture, process, and deliver video and images. iMega Cam offers its users the opportunity to view what is recorded by IP cameras on their mobile devices whenever they want.
  • This app allows users to take an unlimited number of photos using the app. The application is fully optimized so that users can easily capture as many images as possible.
  • PTZ control is integrated with iMega Cam. This feature allows users to tilt and zoom the camera while recording. It also makes camera orientation easier using the iMega Cam app.
  • Videos recorded or viewed using iMega Cam can be easily played as many times as possible. iMega Cam allows users to easily schedule and record videos using the app. Moreover, users can choose to record short or longer videos.
  • With iMega Cam, users can configure a highly functional alarm function using the app’s built-in alarm setting function. iMega Cam users can synchronize their time zones and cell phone clocks using the time setting function in the app.

After reading all these features of iMega Cam you will get the idea why this app is so famous and now it’s time to move on. Having all these features on your smartphones make video surveillance a piece of a cake. Now suppose the same features you can use on a big screen and since it’s a big screen, managing things will be easier.

That’s why I am telling you how to download iMega Cam on PC running Windows 10 & Mac. Enjoy all the features on a big screen, keep a close eye on everything and never miss a bit.

iMega Cam for PC:

Installing iMega Cam on a PC is pretty simple. First, you need to download an Android Emulator and since I am the one who is telling you everything, you should download BlueStacks.

iMega Cam for PC

Why BlueStacks? The main and only reason is that it works perfectly on both Windows and Mac. Also, BlueStacks is frequently updated. You can download BlueStacks from the following link.

Download for 💾 & 🖥

Install Apps on PC
✪ Download and Install BlueStacks on your Windows 10 & Mac.
✪ Open Google Play and Install iMega Cam for PC.

That’s all. This how you can download iMega Cam for PC.

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