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The award-winning mobile game series returns as Recontact London, and it’s totally free. Download the game now on your PC

Recontact London for Mac

What is Recontact London for PC app

In the Recontact London PC app, You’ve got ghosts gallivanting about London and other spooky business going on. It does remind me a little bit of Doctor Who. It’s also quite reminiscent of other FMV games like Contradiction and Doctor Dekker in its acting style. Though, that might just be the Britishness.

The greatest challenge with using pre-recorded footage in a video game is to make the player still feel like they’re playing a game, even though all the outcomes have been predetermined. Recontact: Istanbul attempts to do this by placing you outside of the scene entirely. You are a security official tasked with quickly identifying suspects for the police. To do this, you watch a video clip of an Istanbul street, and when someone fits the profile assigned, you tap on the screen to select them.

It is your game “special intuition”. Every wrong move you make in the game will cause you to gradually consume your level of intuition given to you. So you’ll have to be very careful when examining the security cameras, questioning the suspects, and examining the files.

Recontact London app PC download

Do not forget that attention, research spirit, patience and intelligence are very important in this game! Eyes Of Sky is a totally free downloadable game. Players can complete the game free of charge when they conduct the investigation carefully.

But sometimes you can manage your inquiry faster and easier by choosing one of the higher intuition-level packages when your patience, attention, and concentration are falling. Moreover, if you are stuck in a department, you can also get assistance from now on.

Recontact London for Windows is set for a November release and will be available on both Android and iOS.

Recontact London on PC

How to Install Recontact app on Windows and Mac

  1. You need to install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC
  2. Complete the installation by running the .exe file
  3. Open the emulator on your PC and let the setup complete itself
  4. Open the PlayStore app and Log in using your Google ID
  5. Search for the Recontact London app
  6. Click on the install button to complete the installation

if your interest is piqued you could try out Recontact London on the App Store and Google Play which is free-to-play with in-app purchases.

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