Dreame for PC – How to use free on Windows 10, Mac


Download the Dreame app on your PC. Follow the steps discussed below to get the app on your Windows and Mac PCs for free.

Dreame  for Mac

What is the Dreame PC app?

Dreame for PC is an app that gives you access to a digital library that’s packed with romantic stories.

Me.Dreame is a dreamy community for female readers and writers providing captivating, serialized online fiction. It is a reading platform where readers can immerse themselves in the latest fascinating stories anywhere anytime. It is a dreamland where upcoming authors can fulfill their dream as a successful writer

What does it Offer?

With Dreame for Windows app, you’ll discover tons of romance stories for your reading pleasure. The app is organized into categories like top romance, vampires, teen fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense/thriller, and more. Whichever one you choose, you can see the book cover and useful information such as the synopsis and relevant tags before you start reading. This way, you can get an idea of the story before you commit to reading it.

The reading app uses an episodic model. Instead of buying the entire ebook at once, readers pay with virtual coins to unlock each new episode of content.

What you can do?

Dreame for PC aims to provide a new way for writers to monetize their books and strives to build a community where novel lovers can write, read and share great content. Users can upload their work for free, and if a book is recognized by Dreame’s editors and liked by readers on the platform, it will be offered a contract, including writing funds, among other perks.

At the same time, for writers whose books have been listed in the “Pay-to-read” program, which enables readers to directly support their favorite writers by purchasing coins (a virtual currency on Dreame) to unlock the stories, there is further revenue generated.


Spend between $50-$300. This is your opportunity to commission your first piece of art work-and afford it!

When commissioning art, the price always depends on the medium the artist works with. (pencil, ink, oil, digital, watercolor, etc)

Dreame app on Windows


The app receives many personal and moving stories. In fact, it encourages you to be open and honest. If you are not comfortable with your story being shared, let us know! The origins of the right to privacy can be traced to the nineteenth century and we intend to perfect it!

Your one-of-a-kind art will be sent to you as a jpeg or as an A3 print (unless specified otherwise).

How to Install the Dreame app on Windows and Mac

  1. Install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Run the installation wizard and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation
  3. Look for the PlayStore app on the home screen of the emulator
  4. Search for the Dreame app and click on the install button
  5. Log in with your Google ID to start the download process.

You can use the Dreame app on your smartphone as well.

Dreame app PC download



This is highly recommended. The Dreame for PC experience is the ultimate way to show you care. Just choose the artist that best fits your loved-one, clicks the ‘Gift’ button and their imagination will take care of the rest.

Giving and receiving are the same: The more you give, the more you get back. It’s a beautiful fact of life!


Once your image is ready it takes up to 2 weeks to ship to you! In the meantime, your job is to pick the perfect place to display your print.


Dreme accepts Paypal and all forms of credit card.

Paying online is much faster than snail mail, wagon mail, and carrier pigeon. Plus all of your details will stay within the Dreame’s secure system.

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