Download Unc0ver 3.7 IPA to Jailbreak iOS 12.4 [Cydia Impactor]


Unc0ver 3.7 is here. You can download Unc0ver 3.7 IPA to Jailbreak iOS 12.4 now. The Unc0ver 3.7 IPA can be sideloaded via Cydia Impactor on Windows and Mac.

The famous Unc0ver tool has been updated to its version 3.5. This is a huge update as it enables Jailbreak on iOS 12.4. The news of this tool’s support for iOS 12.4 came from its own developer, pwn20wnd. Earlier, the Unc0ver supported iOS 12.2, 12.1 and prior. This is a first after so many years that the developers have achieved Jailbreak for a current stable version of iOS. The Unc0ver 3.5 supports a huge list of devices. In a bit, I will show you how you can download Unc0ver 3.5 IPA and install via computer to Jailbreak iOS 12.4. Before doing so, let me give the new users a brief idea of what Jailbreak is.Download Unc0ver 3.6


The term Jailbreak refers to giving root access of your iPhone/iPad to custom scripts and apps. If you have heard of the term rooting the Linux or Android operating system, Jailbreaking is similar to that. Users can install new features, change the behavior of existing features and apps, and they can also add the new UI mods to the iPhone this way. The performance and battery life of an iPhone can be tweaked via Cydia tweaks.

When you Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad, you bypass all the security certificates and gateways that Apple has installed to make your device secure. While a Jailbroken iPhone/iPad opens a never-ending world of modifications, it brings in a lot of risks at the same time. This is why you have to be extra careful while installing tweaks and mods on a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Jailbreak is something that Apple never recommends. If you take a Jailbroken iPhone to an Apple service center, they will refuse to repair it. So, before you go ahead, you must understand everything and take complete responsibility for it.

Update: Download Checkra1n 0.9.1 – Jailbreak iOS 13.2.2

Unc0ver 3.7 Supported Devices

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 8
  • Apple iPhone X
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 6th gen

Update 9/23/2019: Un0ver 3.7 comes with full-fledged support for all A12-A12X-powered iPhones and iPads. Jailbreakers can now get Cydia and system-wide tweak injection on the newest iPhones & iPads.

Update 9/10/2019: Unc0ver 3.6.3 is out now.

Update: 9/9/2019: Unc0ver 3.6.1 is now out. Changelog is below.

  • Completely redesign and rewrite all jailbreak patches from scratch
  • Make the jailbreak patches static and not dynamic–Meaning that the system stability will be completely stock after the jailbreak
  • Fix the app crashing on launch when signed with provisioning profiles with non-ASCII characters
  • Internally prepare jailbreak patches for full-fledged A12-A12X support
  • Make the jailbreak significantly and noticeably more reliable and faster to run
  • Add the SockPort 3.0 exploit for improved reliability on iOS 12.4 and devices with low RAM
  • Fix SSH support for arm64e devices running iOS12.0-12.1.2
  • Make it possible to jailbreak with corrupted SystemVersion.plist on iOS 12.4
  • Make the jailbreak perform proper clean up to preserve system stability in case of a failure
  • Fix the jbctl command-line utility
  • Switch to a new technique for setting the system boot nonce generator that works on all arm64e devices running iOS12.0-12.4 (Thanks to @0x7ff for the idea)
  • Fix a bug with the initial Cydia installation getting stuck sometimes
  • Significantly speed up the initial Cydia installation process
  • Internally prepare upcoming stable substitute support

Update 08/24/2019: Unc0ver 3.5.6 is now out. Changelog is as follows.

– Add support for remounting the RootFS as read-write on A12-A12X devices running iOS 12.1.3-12.4
– Adds support for restoring the RootFS on A12-A12X devices running iOS 12.1.3-12.4

Update: Unc0ver 3.5.5 is now out. Changelog is below.

Fixes issues with the jailbreak introduced with the last update

– Fixes iOS 11 support

Update: Unc0ver 3.5.4 has been released. Here is the changelog.

– Add full-fledged SSH support with root-shell for A12-A12X devices on iOS 12.1.3-12.4

– Add support for arbitrary unsigned code execution on A12-A12 devices on iOS 12.1.3-12.4 (Note: Object files will have to be signed with a CMS blob using the codesign utility)

– Add support for running expired or revoked apps on A12-A12X devices on iOS 12.1.3-12.4

– Fix instant or random reboots after jailbreaking with the SockPuppet3.0 exploit on A7-A12X devices on iOS 11.0-12.4

Update: Unc0ver 3.5.3 has been released with partial support for new devices. The new version can Jailbreak iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max running on iOS 12.4. You can find Unc0ver 3.5.3 IPA in the downloads section below.

Methods to Jailbreak via Unc0ver 3.7

At the moment, there are two methods to Jailbreak iOS 12.4 via Unc0ver 3.5. The easier method is to Jailbreak iOS 12.4 without computer. That method allows you to directly install Unc0ver 3.5 on your phone and use it. The 2nd method, which we are going to discuss here, involves the use of a computer. We will be sideloading Unc0ver 3.5 IPA via Cydia Impactor. You can use the Cydia Impactor on both the Windows and Mac.


  • On the iPhone, go to Settings > Storage > delete all the iOS 12 OTA files. If there are no files, skip this step.
  • Charge your iPhone up to 50% for this process.
  • Create a backup of your messages, call logs, contacts, and everything else.
  • You need a Windows or Mac-powered computer for this.
  • You also need the original cable of your iPhone.

Download Unc0ver 3.7.x IPA & Cydia Impactor

  • Unc0ver 3.7.0 IPA [Latest – Pre-release – iOS 12.1 to iOS 12.4 – A7-A11-A12-A12X] – Download


  • Unc0ver 3.6.3 IPA [Latest – Stable iOS 12.1-12.2 & 12.4 A7-A11-A12-A12X] – Download


  • Unc0ver 3.6.2 IPA [Latest – Stable iOS 12.1-12.2 & 12.4 A7-A11-A12-A12X] – Download


  • Unc0ver 3.6.1 IPA [Latest – Stable iOS 12.1-12.2 & 12.4 A7-A11-A12-A12X] – Download


  • Unc0ver 3.5.6 [Laetst – Stable iOS 12.4 A7-A11-A12-A12X] – Download | Mirror [Extract to get IPA]


  • Unc0ver 3.5.5 [Latest – Stable iOS 12.4 A7 – A11 – A12]Download | Mirror [Extract to get IPA]


  • Unc0ver 3.5.4 IPADownload | Mirror [Extract to get IPA]
  • To Jailbreak iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, you need Unc0ver 3.5.3 IPA – However, 3.5.3 is not stable yet. Try this at your own risk: Download IPA [Extract to get IPA]
  • You need the Unc0ver 3.5.2 IPA: Download | Download from Mirror [Extract the mirror zip to get .ipa file]


Downloading/installing Unc0ver 3.7.0 IPA via Cydia Impactor

  1. On the computer, open Cydia Impactor.
  2. Connect iPhone to the computer.
  3. In the Cydia Impactor, select your device.
  4. Drag and drop the Unc0ver 3.7 onto the Cydia Impactor.Installing Unc0ver 3.5 via Cydia Impactor
  5. Impactor will now ask for your Apple ID and password. Enter the details. If it asks for App-specific password, open the Apple ID on PC and get the app-specific password from security settings.
  6. Enter the password and click on Start.
  7. After installation, disconnect the iPhone.

Jailbreak iOS 12.4 via Unc0ver 3.7

  1. On the iPhone, go to Settings > General > Device Management > Click on “Trust <your Apple ID> > Trust”.Trust iPhone Unc0ver 3.5
  2. Now open Unc0ver from all apps.
  3. In the Unc0ver 3.5 tool, click on Jailbreak.cUnc0ver Jailbreaking iOS 12.4
  4. It will take about 63 seconds for Unc0ver 3.5 to Jailbreak your iOS 12.4.Jailbreak iOS 12.4 Done
  5. Cydia store will be installed now.
  6. Go back to the apps screen and open Cydia.Cydia Unc0ver 3.5
  7. You are all set to install any tweaks. That’s all.

That’s all with this process. If you have any questions/queries, feel free to drop them in the comments section down below.



Which is the latest stable version of Unc0ver?

The latest stable version of Unc0ver is Unc0ver 3.7.0.

Is the Jailbreak available for iPhone XR?

Yes, you can Jailbreak iPhone XR. It must be running on iOS 12.4. You need Unc0ver 3.7 to Jailbreak iPhone XR.

Is the Jailbreak available for iPhone XS?

To Jailbreak iPhone XS, you need Unc0ver 3.7

Can I Jailbreak iPhone XS Max?

Yes of course. With Unc0ver 3.7. , you can jailbreak iOS 12.4 powered iPhone XS Max.

Which iOS version can I Jailbreak?

The latest public version of iOS i.e. iOS 12.4 can be Jailbroken with Unc0ver 3.5.0 – Unc0ver 3.5.5 or 3.5.6 or 3.6.3 or 3.7 .

Can I unjailbreak after jailbreaking?

Yes, the same Unc0ver tool will let you unjailbreak. Take a look at this guide to unjailbreak iOS 12.4.

Does Cydia come with Unc0ver?

When you Jailbreak via Unc0ver, the Cydia is installed automatically.

Last Updated: 26th October 2019

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