Download KDZ TOT LG FlashTool for LG Phones [All Versions]


Owning an Android smartphone is not less than a perk in your life as long as you know how to customize it and make the best out of it. Various modifications make their way to a smartphone as soon as a manufacturer releases it. Once you start customizing your device, it puts you at certain risks. One of the biggest risks is of corrupting your stock firmware and in that case, you need a tool which can easily recover your phone by providing it a fresh installation of stock firmware. Different manufacturers have their own flash tools for this purpose. Sony has a Sony FlashTool, Samsung has its own Odin flash tool and LG has its own FlashTool which flashes the KDZ and TOT firmware files on your LG smartphone.lg-flashtool

The KDZ and TOT are the extensions for the LG firmware files. It may be noted here that these files are only compatible with the LG FlashTool. Just like you flash .tar.md5 files via Odin, in the same way, you will flash the KDZ and TOT files on your LG Android-powered smartphone with the help of the only available FlashTool.

LG FlashTool is available for free. You can grab it easily from many different sources. To make sure that you can get it at hand easily, we have uploaded it here for all LG users. A guide has been linked right next to the LG KDZ and TOT FlashTool. Just get the FlashTool and then learn how you can install the stock firmware on your LG smartphone. In order to make the tool work, you need to install the LG USB Drivers on your PC first. After installing the USB Drivers, you need to have the firmware files downloaded on your PC as well. The download links of old versions of the tools are also linked below. Pick up the one that completes all of your needs and starts using it right away.

Download KDZ TOT LG FlashTool for LG Phones [All Versions]

  1. Download and install LG USB Drivers
  2. Download and install the LG FlashTool according to your liking
  • LG FlashTool 2016 (Patched) – Download | Patched by renowned developers to work without any issues.
  • LG FlashTool (Patched) – Download
  • LG FlashTool 2016 – Download
  • LG FlashTool 2015 –Download
  • LG FlashTool 2014 – Download
  • LG FlashTool – Download | for version 1.8, you need to download the MegaLock.dll file and copy it to C:\LG\LGFlashtool
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