How to Install Stock firmware on LG devices using KDZ Flash Tool



Android is known for its customization abilities and you might have already heard about rooting, custom recovery, custom ROMs, kernels and stuff. However, all these tech voodoo stuff is a bit dangerous at times and could possibly brick your device. If you’re lucky, you might have taken a nandroid backup to restore it later, else you have to search for other ways to unbrick your device.

Stock Firmware are one of the best ways to install the Android OS supplied by your manufacturer. Usually, devices get OS updates via OTA for user convenience but there are other methods to install the stock firmware. Manufacturers design PC software to install stock firmware which helps you recover the device in case of any mishap. LG has one such software called the Flash Tool which flashes the stock firmware on LG smartphones which is in the KDZ format.

The LG Flash tool can also be used to install the latest OS updates on your smartphone without waiting for the OTA update to reach your device. Installing stock firmware with KDZ flash tool erases everything on your device and loads a fresh copy of Android. Today, we will see how to install stock firmware on LG devices using KDZ Flash tool. So, let’s get on with the tutorial without any further ado.


  • Download the KDZ firmware for your LG device. Make sure to check the device model number before choosing a compatible firmware from a trusted source like XDA. Choosing a wrong firmware can potentially hard brick your device.
  • Download and install the LG Flash Tool 2014 (extract files if compressed) on your PC → Link
  • Make sure you have the latest LG drivers installed on your PC. If you didn’t install them yet, follow our exclusive USB drivers guide.
  • During flashing process, disconnect from the internet and also make sure your Antivirus is turned off.

How to Install Stock firmware on LG devices

  1. Download the KDZ firmware for your LG smartphone and place it in an accessible directory on your PC. It’s better not to place it on the desktop as the spaces between Windows username (Ex: John Paul) could sometimes cause the firmware installation to fail.
  2. Put your LG device into Download Mode. To do this, power off your device, and connect it to the PC via USB while pressing both the volume keys of your device. Now, your device’s screen should show the Download Mode icon and device driver might get installed. If you didn’t enter the download mode, try the same process by just pressing the Volume Up button instead of both Volume buttons.
  3. Copy the KDZ file in the same folder where you have the Flash Tool files. Now, simply launch the LGFlashtool2014.exe file.
  4. In the LG Flash Tool, set the Select Type as CDMA, and load the KDZ file by clicking on the folder icon next to the Select KDZ file box.
  5. Finally, choose CSE Flash option as we are installing a fresh copy of the stock firmware on your device. This will format all the app data as well as the internal storage of the device.
  6. In the next window, you’ll see some auto-populated data. Don’t bother about them, just click on Start to begin flashing.
  7. Now, select the Region and Language and clear phone Software update Registry in the following popup.
  8. Click on the OK button to begin flashing.
  9. You can see the firmware flashing progress in the Flash tool window. The process could take a while to complete, so sit back and relax until the flashing completes.
  10. The device will reboot automatically once the firmware flashing is complete. The first boot may take some time as the OS needs to build cache during the first boot.

That’s it. If you got any error while flashing the stock firmware, repeat the above process again and make sure the USB drivers are installed properly, Antivirus is turned off the PC is not connected to the Internet.