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Download the MyHeritage app on your PC. Explore your roots, find new relatives, and make amazing discoveries. Join a global community of users and build your family tree — it’s easy and intuitive.

MyHeritage for Mac


What is the MyHeritage PC app?

MyHeritage for PC is a consumer DNA testing service specializing in genealogy, family history, and family trees. A software engineer by the name of Gilad Japhet developed MyHeritage 2003. This was his second attempt at developing family history software. The first software was a family tree builder that helped people trace their roots.

With MyHeritage For PC app, you can discover relatives who share DNA segments with you, inherited from the same common ancestor. You will also uncover the ethnic and geographic origins of your ancestorsacross 2100+ geographic regions and 42 top-level ethnicities — more than any other DNA test on the market. You never know, your results may include some surprises.

What can you expect

  • The highest technological standards meet the most affordable price on the market.
  • Your DNA reveals your unique heritage — the ethnic groups and geographic regions you originate from.
  • Find new relatives you never knew existed through your shared DNA.

How it Works

Testing additional family members is recommended. Each of your family members carries unique pieces of DNA that together can unlock your family’s story.

Testing one or both of your parents allows you to obtain additional information about your own DNA Matches. For example, you’ll be able to find whether each match is paternal or maternal.

Testing parents, siblings, cousins and other relatives is also very useful for discovering more relatives and for learning more about your own matches. Because of the nature of genetic inheritance, your siblings may get different ethnicity results than you. Comparing your results can help you learn even more about your ancestry.

MyHeritage app on Windows

What the DNA kit Costs

The MyHeritage for Windows Complete plan is a subscription plan that allows a person who takes the MyHeritage DNA test to find DNA matches and explore historical records.

To order a kit, you must provide your sex and birth year. MyHeritage DNA charges $79 for a kit, and shipping costs $12. If you order two kits, you get half-price shipping; buy three or more, and shipping is free. After that, you simply select a display name and then accept the site’s terms and services.


  • One of the largest databases of European populations. If you know you have European ancestors, MyHeritage may help you find many matches.
  • Offers free MyHeritage DNA upload to find DNA matches.
  • Extensive historical records database to find family members.
  • Family trees can be easily constructed. MyHeritage created the single largest family tree with over 13 million people.


  • Many major features of family lineage searches require subscription and are not provided for free.
  • Access to historical records requires a yearly subscription.
  • Ethnicity matches reported being inconsistent compared to other services.
MyHeritage app PC download

How to Install the MyHeritage app on your Windows and Mac

  1. You will need to install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Complete the installation of the emulator
  3. Open the emulator, it might take some time to start depending on your internet connection.
  4. Look for the PlayStore app on the home screen of the emulator and open it.
  5. Search for the MyHeritage app, click on the install button,
  6. Log in using your Google ID to start the download process.

You can use the app on your smartphone as well, follow this LINK.

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