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Just yesterday, Samsung rolled out the Android Pie update for the Galaxy Note FE. The Galaxy Note FE now runs on the Android 9.0 Pie. This update started rolling out in the Phillippines and the KSA. This is an incremental OTA. The update will take its time to reach out to all the regions. If you are living in a region where this update is not available yet, you can install it manually. This is the guide you need to manually update Galaxy Note FE to Android Pie. Follow the steps given in this guide to download Android Pie on Galaxy Note FE. We will be using Odin to get Android Pie on Galaxy Note FE. Before installing the update, let’s take a look at the features of this new Android version for the Note FE.

Android Pie for Galaxy Note FE

Galaxy Note FE originally came out with Android Nougat. This phone was basically released to overcome the damage caused by the Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy Note FE was released in the same year as the Galaxy S7, however, the Galaxy S7 is not getting the Android Pie. It looks like Samsung is releasing the Android Pie just to reward the loyal Galaxy Note FE owners. This is the 2nd big update for the Galaxy Note FE since its release and probably it will be last big update too.

The Android Pie, first of all, changes the version number to Android 9. This update brings massive changes and a handful of new features. This update carries the new Samsung UI named as the Samsung One UI. It replaces the old Samsung Experience UI. The One UI is designed to make things easy for users who use the phone with a single hand only. Samsung One UI changes the look of most of the elements of the phone. It has a new launcher, it has a new UI for Settings application, the Phone, Contacts, Gallery, and almost all other stock applications have got a new look.

Android Pie update also adds the Night Mode to the Galaxy Note FE. The Night Mode is the same as the Dark Mode on other Android phones. The update also brings navigation gestures to Samsung devices. It adds the Adaptive Battery mode to the phone too. Furthermore, the Android Pie brings native private DNS support to the devices. Samsung has changed the place of some options under the settings panel. The About Phone section has got a new look too. Overall, the Android Pie update is quite stable and smooth. It carries the latest security patch too. Whether or not you like the Android Pie update, you must update your Galaxy Note FE for the sake of security.

Updating Galaxy Note FE to Android Pie

There are two methods to update your Galaxy Note FE to Android Pie. The first method is to go to the Settings of your phone and then go to the Software Section. Check for an OTA update. If there is an Android Pie OTA available, you can update the phone right away. Since this method is unlikely to work, you will need the second method which is the Odin method. I will show you the steps to install the official Android Pie firmware on the Galaxy Note FE via Odin. You have to download the appropriate Android Pie firmware files and the required tools to download Android Pie on Galaxy Note FE.

Before you download Android Pie on Galaxy Note FE, you must keep in mind that the firmware we are going to flash is completely official. It will not void the warranty or the Knox counter of your phone. To avoid a mishap, you must pay full attention to the steps coming up next.

How to download Android Pie on Galaxy Note FE


  1. This guide is for Galaxy Note FE N935F/DS. Do not try on any other model.
  2. Backup each and everything on your phone.
  3. Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging on the Galaxy Note FE.
  4. Use original data cable to connect Note FE to the computer.
  5. Close Samsung Smart Switch while using Odin. If you do not have Smart Switch, skip this step.
  6. Pay attention to the remaining steps.

Required Downloads

  • Galaxy Note FE Android Pie Philippines Version: Download
  • Galaxy Note FE Android Pie Saudi Arabia Version: Download
    • Extract the downloaded firmware file to get AP, CP, BL, CSC, and Home_CSC files.
    • Note: Your region doesn’t matter. You can download any firmware from above and flash it on any Galaxy Note FE belonging to any country as long as your phone’s model number is N935F/DS.
  • Odin 3.13.1 for PC – Download and extract
  • Samsung USB DriversDownload and install.

Installing Android Pie on Galaxy Note FE

  1. Open Odin3.exe on your computer. In Odin, click on Options and make sure the only options ticked are F.Reset.Time and Auto Reboot.
  2. Get back to the main menu in Odin and click on the AP tab. Add the AP file here. Now add the CP file in the CP tab. Similarly, add the BL file in the BL slot. Add the CSC file in CSC slot if you want to factory reset, otherwise, add the Home_CSC file in the CSC slot.
  3. Now power down your Galaxy Note FE. Press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power button to go into download mode. As your phone boots up, press Volume Up to continue.
  4. Connect your phone to the computer now. Odin should show “Added” in the logs.
  5. Making sure that you are all set, click on the Start button.
  6. The firmware will be flashed in 5-10 minutes and your phone will reboot automatically.
    Image for reference only.
  7. Disconnect the phone now and enjoy the all-new Android Pie on Galaxy Note FE.

Wrap Up

That is pretty much it. You have now successfully updated your Galaxy Note FE to Android 9 Pie. If you think that your phone is taking too long to boot up, you can clear its cache and reboot it. In case something else goes wrong, feel free to reach out to us. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Stay connected.

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