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Galaxy S10 owners can use the Always on Edge application to add notification LED around camera cutout. Always on Edge APK is available here. You can download latest Always on Edge APK and follow the instructions to install it right now.

Always on Edge APK
Always on Edge in action.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the talk of the town right now. The South Korean giant has set the bar very high for its competitors. The Galaxy S10 lineup has successfully become the most popular one to date. We get the Galaxy S10E, which is the cheapest, then we have the S10, and lastly, we have the S10 Plus. These are all the best phones in their own category. The highlighted feature of these phones is the camera cutout on the front, which as been added to achieve maximum display. In a race to go all-screen, Samsung has removed the notification LED from the Galaxy S10 phones. You do not get the notification light for any messages, missed calls, or low battery now. The absence of notification LED on the Galaxy S10 has given the app developers a whole new opportunity. Earlier, we saw Energy Ring, an application to add battery indicator around camera cutout, and now we have the Always On Edge with support for Galaxy S10.

Before you download Always on Edge APK, let’s take a deeper look at this application.

Always on Edge Review

First off, this is not a new application specifically designed for the S10. This app was basically designed to put the edge display of Samsung phones to use. It also runs on a number of other devices like the OnePlus and Huawei handsets.

The basic purpose of this application was to add an animated lightning effect around the edges of the phones. Samsung’s phones come with their own edge lightning feature, but they are very limited. Edge lightning extended the use of this feature.

When the Galaxy S10 came out, Energy Ring application popped up adding a ring around the phone’s camera cutout. This idea urged other developers to show their creativity too. Always on Edge developers took the idea of ring light to a whole new level and utilized it for the notifications.

Using the Always on Edge, you can now add a beautiful notification light around the hole-punch of S10, S10E, and S10 Plus.

It still has the options to enhance the animations around the edges of the phone, but on a Galaxy S10, you will find it more useful around the camera cutout only. The application comes with options for the notch of the phone.

When you open this app, it gives you a huge list of options. The configuration looks complex, but it isn’t that complex in real. You have to give it some permissions to run without any hiccups.

You can then select when and how you want this application to run. It gives you the option to pick colors of your choice from the Hex chart. A handful of animation patterns is available too. Always on Edge has its on Always on Display too, but it isn’t as good as the stock Always on Display of the phone.

Furthermore, you can set this application to run for each specific application differently. You can choose whether you want it to run for system apps only or you want all the apps to use it.

Its a free application, but it comes with ads. When you want to save the preferences, you can either watch a 30 seconds long video to save the settings, or you can pay the developer to get premium options.

Downsides of Always on Edge

  • When enabled, the phone’s stock notifications will not work. No more pop-ups on lock-screen.
  • Needs extra permissions you may not want to grant.
  • Full of bugs, lock screen doesn’t work properly after enabling this application.
  • Too many unnecessary options that make it look complex.
  • Applications’ own icon pops-up on the lock screen when enabled.
  • The application works when it wants to doesn’t work at times.
  • It can consume a slight amount of battery.
  • On pop-up notifications, it starts showing the package name of the application.

I liked the application at a glance, but the recurring issues forced me to uninstall it. Go ahead to install it now in order to experience on your phone.

Always On Edge APK

  • Always on Edge APK – Download
  • Copy the APK to your phone or download it directly on your S10.
  • Now using File Manager, install the APK. If it asks for permissions, allow it.
  • Open Always On Edge on your phone now.
  • First, of allow, tick all the options including notification access, show over another app, phone state, and change system settings.
  • Now allow this app to run without restriction.
  • Under “How/When to Light”, check “when a notification comes” and the screen is off. Also, set the Reminder while the screen is off for your desired time span. Select the apps that you want to work with AOE. Also, run this application over your default home screen, this will require you to reset the wallpaper.
  • Scroll down to “enable edge lighting” and select “around notch only”. Also, enable notch support.
  • Select the Edge Style now.
  • Select the Edges color number now.
  • Turn off the Display clock.
  • Ignore other options and click on Save.
  • Now watch an ad for 30 seconds to save the settings.

You can also find Always on Edge in the Play Store.

Wrap Up

You will find Always on Edge in action now. It looks really good around the notch of S10E, S10, and S10 Plus. In my opinion, this application is good only for a while. It has so many bugs that it will end up going out of your phone only. I hope that the developer fixes the bugs as soon as possible.
Without those downsides mentioned above, this would and could have been a great application for the S10. Drop your experience with this application in the comments section down below.


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