Top 5 Best Drone Apps for Android ( September 2017 )


The best in the business, 5 Best Drone Apps for Android.

Undoubtedly there are many drone pilot apps available for iPhones and Android smartphones that you can use to fly safely and easily. But, do you know which drone apps are winning the hearts of millions with their innovative features? If you are looking for tools that can help you pilot your new beloved drone or you are hunting for an app that can teach you how to control it, then you’ve landed at just the right place.

With dozens of drone apps helping the drone pilots organize their airtime, there are also some of the apps that have a drone dedicated mapping system incorporated in them. This mapping system helps the drone pilots locate the safest places to fly their drone. Let’s look at the top apps that will help you achieve your goal of becoming a drone master;

Top 5 Best Drone Apps for Android:

1- Hover

Hover is an app designed especially for the beginners who need to know the basics of flying a drone. It is undoubtedly the best app in the iOS market. This app also has a map of International No-Fly zones. It helps you know where you can fly your drone legally. It has updated information regarding all the local National Parks and it even gets you the weather report from the meteorologist stations. It’s time to get out your drone enthusiast and up your drone-flying game. 

2- Autopilot

As the name suggests, the Autopilot drone app is one of the easiest drone apps. It has a flight trainer which instructs you about all the built-in features and tells you about various flight plans. The most innovative feature of this app is that it has the Apple Watch connectivity for Apple users. This app lets you use technical programs which have built-in piloting features. Users of this app have given a remarkable feedback regarding this app. This app runs smoothly and has a great visual imagery. You can try out all the modes from autonomous to semi-autonomous flights. This app also helps you in camera control sequences and has a Custom Flight Controller which gives this app its uniqueness. No other app has a custom flight controller in it which makes it stand out.

3- UAV Forecast

If you’re looking for an app that tells you about the expected weather, then UAV Forecast is the best app for you. It tells you about the cloud cover, temperature, and rain. This ensures that your drone is flying in safe weather and doesn’t affect the functionality of the drone. You can get regular daily and weekly updates through this. Moreover, this app has GPS, and interior electronics which help you figure out the approximate height your drone is flying at.

4- DJI+Discover

Best Drone Apps 

You might want to download DJI+Discover if you’re new to drones. This app lets you communicate with other pilots and even lets them advertise the services of their drones. You can chat with other drone owners and share tips with them. It makes your experience a lot more exciting. You can discover the flying spots and also build a bonding with other pilots. So, you can showcase your social skills and your drone at the same time using this app.

5- Flightradar24

Best Drone Apps


This is a great app if you like flight tracking and getting real-time updates regarding drones flying nearby. Flying a drone can be an arduous and tricky task, but this app is all set to revolutionize your flying experience altogether. This app is best for the beginners who need some practice in drone flying. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and fly your drone.

If you want to fly your drone and use your smartphone to improve the drone flying experience, then this list might prove to be useful for you. There is always a room for improvement. We hope that you found out the best drone app for you through our advice. Try these drone apps and let us know which one is your favorite.

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