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Disney+, Disney’s official movie, and TV show app is out now. It’s available in the US at the moment. If you are living outside the US, your chances of running Disney+ are bleak. But wait, you can use a VPN and watch it right now. Take a look at this list of best Disney+ VPN in 2020.

Before you take a look at the best Disney+ VPN, let me explain this application a little more.


As the name explains everything, Disney+ is Disney’s application with all the movie and TV show titles that Disney has produced to date. If you have grown up while watching those exciting Disney shows, you will find them all once again in the Disney+ app and that too in the best possible resolution. Not only that, but Disney also has titles from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars. Furthermore, the app lists some TV shows from National Geographic.

Using Disney+ on my phone while it’s not available in my country.

Disney+ offers all the content in HD resolution. If your device has HDR or HDR10 support, you are going to enjoy the content even more. For the most part, the app runs smooth. The viewing experience is seamless. There is a download option that can download the movies within the app so that you can watch them later on. Disney+ works in a manner similar to Netflix. The subscription of Disney+, however, is much cheaper than Netflix and its likes.

VPN for Disney+

Disney+ is available in the US at the moment. The app will make it to other countries in 2020. Even when this app makes it to other countries, there will be a huge chunk of audience missing on it. Take a look at Disney+’s release in other countries:

  • March 31, 2020: UK, France, Spain, and Italy
  • The first half of 2020: Western European Countries
  • The first half of 2021: Eastern European Countries
  • 2020 – 2021: Asia-Pacific countries
  • 2020: Latin America

If you are living outside the US in one of the countries/regions mentioned above, you are not going to see Disney+ in the Play Store. Even if you manage to install it, the app will fail to load.

The only way to use it right now is through a VPN. Basically, I was interested in using Disney+ and I used a VPN. I was able to download the app from the Play Store and properly use it. Of course, I used a VPN and that is how the idea of this post popped up in my mind. 

I am going to list the VPNs that I have hand-tested. Take a look to get the best Disney+ VPN now.

Best Disney+ VPN

1. NordVPN

Best choice for not only Netflix but all things internet.

Number of Servers: > 5100 | Number of Countries: 59 | Simultaneous Devices: 6 | P2P & Obfuscated Servers | UDP & TCP OpenVPN | L2TP/IPSec | IPSec | IKEv2 | PPTP

I have been using the NordVPN for many things other than the Disney+ as well. I originally got this VPN for Netflix. Since it has worked great for me, I gave it the first try with Disney+ and it worked. NordVPN has some unique features that you will not find on any other VPN. For example, it has the strongest possible privacy and security-focused protocols in place. It also offers Obfuscated servers which make it nearly impossible for any party to snoop into your online activity.

Best Disney+ VPN

If you want to watch Disney+ every now and then, I’d suggest you to picking up the NordVPN. It’s available at a huge discount right now. Take a look at the NordVPN offers.

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2. Cyberghost

Number of Servers: 5745 | Countries: 90 | Locations: 112 | OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols

This is another VPN that worked flawlessly with Netflix and works with Disney+ as well now.  With a huge number of servers in over 90 countries, this VPN can easily bypass all the restrictions set on your internet. The best part about Cyberghost is the number of devices and operating systems it is compatible with. For example, you will find Cyberghost for Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, Firefox OS, and even the Firestick.

Like the NordVPN, Cyberghost is quite affordable as well. It also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee for the monthly package and 45-days money-back guarantee for yearly package.

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3. VyprVPN

Number of IP Addresses: 200,000 | Locations: 70 | Simultaneous Devices: 5

This is the only VPN in this list with its major focus on video streaming services. VyperVPN ensures high quality and flawless video streaming on platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and now it supports Disney+ as well. Not only it will let you access Disney+ while you are outside the US, it will also keep your experience as smooth as possible.


Final Words

Since our main goal here is to access the Disney+ app, I have not quite explained what these VPN apps are actually capable of. All these apps come with military-grade encyrption which makes it hard for anyone to keep a track of your online activity. Chances of your data getting compromised are zero when you are connected through these apps. A VPN is also a necessity when you are using a public WiFi Hotspot connection. 

Hopefully, you will have the Disney+ accessible now. If you have any questions or queries, use the comment box below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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