Best WhatsApp Spying Apps for you [2020]


Hello, I have been trying a number of WhatsApp Spying Apps on my smartphones for the past several weeks. I was amazed to find that there are a few apps that really work. As we all know that they are tons of fake apps and tools who claim that they can help you spy on WhatsApp. But in reality, they are only making people fools and injecting serious malware in their devices. Moreover, a number of users end up having privacy breaches.

But the apps I have tried, they all are authentic and working perfectly. They do what they say, the only downside I found while using all these WhatsApp Spying Apps. Most of them are paid, you can only use the trial version for free, only for a few days.

In the past, I have seen many apps for Android & iOS devices which require root or Jailbreak. In order to operate properly but you will be glad to know that all of these WhatsApp Spying Apps require no root nor Jailbreak.

There are hundreds of users who want to spy or monitor other’s WhatsApp media, posts, status, etc. That can be achieved with the help of certain apps but in the end, they have a fallout. At some point, they all lack somewhere or they miss out on some features. But I am sure all of the following apps will serve all the specific purpose.

Yet again, Keep that in mind, all of these apps will work on both Android & iOS devices without Root & Jailbreak. All you have to do is head over to their website and download the app. Not all of these apps work the same way, some will allow you to only spy on someone’s conversation. Some will allow you to spy on conversation, media, and others.

I think enough said, now let’s get started and give you the Best WhatsApp Spying Apps for you.

Best WhatsApp Spying Apps for you [2020]:

I will start with the best in business and after that, I will keep on going and provide you the other apps on my personal rating.


XNSPY is the best app I used, it is available for both Android & iOS. If you want to spy on someone’s WhatsApp account with ease, you should try XNSPY. This app allows you to read all the incoming conversation of the account you want to spy on. So, this is the basic feature that you can easily use. However, if you want to use its advanced features then you need to Jailbreak or root your device.

WhatsApp Spying Apps

Now you will be wondering what you will get in advanced features? XNSPY not only allows you to access the incoming conversation, but it also allows you to read outgoing logs. Once your device is rooted or Jailbreak. After that one can access the call logs, chats, emails, text messages, web browsing and more.

One more thing, I would like to add. XNSPY interface is user-friendly and even a layman can easily use it. Moreover, if you face any problem while using XNSPY, you can contact them anytime. They have dedicated customer support. As I have told you earlier, most of these apps are paid. So does, XNSPY, you have to pay $8.33 per month for basic and $12.49 per month for Premium.



mSpy is second in my list of best WhatsApp Spying apps, the basic purpose is the same as XNSPY. It has two versions one is basic and the other one is for Rooted and Jailbroken devices. But I am sure you won’t be needing the one which works on root or Jailbreak. The basic version does all the work for you, you can easily track and monitor someone’s WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Spying Apps

You can easily spy on someone’s device not only on WhatsApp. You can check other text messages, call logs, locations, emails and more. When it comes to using mSpy you will be surprised that it can be operated by even a layman. Works on both Android & iOS. You can easily access all the details of a WhatsApp contact or a conversation. mSpy allows you to check the multimedia shared and received in a WhatsApp conversation.


A perfect tool to Syp on WhatsApp accounts. Not only you can monitor WhatsApp activities you can also check more using Spyzie. You can view and read all the sent and received message along with that you can download the media. Moreover, you won’t need root or Jailbreak in order Spyzie work. Spyzie has sperate apps and services for both Android & iOS devices.

Android users can monitor Chats along with the multimedia but iOS users only can check Whatsapp chat. If you ask me, I would say that it’s better to use Spyzie on Android devices because you can get more out of it. Spyzie is not only for WhatsApp, but parents can also use it as parental control. It lets you put a number of restrictions on a device.

WhatsApp Spying Apps

Spyzie supports screenshot while monitoring and also it can block specific apps and can monitor the browser’s history. This is one you should try once and then you will see how good Spyzie.

Like others, Spyzie does not has a basic version it comes with the Premium edition- $29.99 per month & Ultimate edition- $39.99 per month.


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