Viber brings message restore/backup and animated GIF’s with the latest update


For the past couple of months the team at Viber has been working hard to bringing different updates to their app. First it was the ‘Secret Message‘ option in which users could send messages and images which would self-destruct after the set time. Then a few days back, the company introduced Secret Chats, which would self-destruct the whole chat or hide it with a pin code, along with that users will not be able to take screen shots of the messages. Following the development, the company has added the restore and backup option in their latest update.

Viber in their recent 6.7 v update has added some nifty new features. Now you will be able to make a backup for your messages and restore them as well. You will have to do this manually and the messages will get backup in the Google Drive. Some maybe put off by the manual update option, but well something is better than nothing. In the case in which you lose your smartphone or have to do a factory reset, your messages are safe.

This is not the only features, Viber now also supports animated GIF’s, you all be able to add and send messages from your gallery that are GIF’s. In addition, users will now be able to send money to their family members in another country through Viber. The app now has support from Western Union and now people will easily send money through the app to more than 200 countries.


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