What message? Viber to launch self-destructing chat feature


Viber a month ago introduced ‘secret messages‘ which allowed users to set a time limit after which the message would self-deconstruct. Well, it seems that Viber will be extending the functionality of this feature by introducing ‘secret chats’ that would disappear after you are done chatting.

This feature is very similar to the ‘secret messages’ feature which allows you to set a timer after which the whole chat disappears. Beforehand you had to select this feature for every message that you wanted. Now you have even more convenience and get the entire chat to disappear. Well another additional feature that will be making its way to the app is that of hiding conversations using a PIN code. If you don’t want the conversation to disappear and along with that don’t want anyone to have a look at that, the protect it with a PIN.

Viber seems to be working on making its platform more secure and giving users more control over how they want to use their content. Another complementing feature within the secret chat is that users will not be allowed to take screenshots of the conversation. Well, this opens up a lot of possibilities of pouring your heart out without the fear of having a third person read it. There is just one hitch, this feature will not come to iOS but users will get to know when someone is taking a screenshot of their conversations.

Well it seems like Viber is upping the ante giving users more features to choose their messaging platform for their secure secret chats which ahve end-to-end encryption. With privacy being one of the major concerns, Viber is making the right choices when it comes to the features they want to adopt.

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