TCL’s President shows off BlackBerry Mercury’s journey to MWC through tweets


Who said that one had to keep the device a surprise till the day of its announcement? It seems like everyone else apart from BlackBerry followed that directive. BlackBerry will be unveiling their new Android powered smartphone at the Mobile World Congress tomorrow. The company instead of hiding the smartphone, showed the world what they will be offering both the CES 2017, where a prototype of the device was shown and then with their second invitation where star of the invite was BlackBerry Mercury. Now TCL’s President, Steve Cistulli has documented BlackBerry Mercury’s journey to the MWC in a series of tweets which started off on 21st February. 

Tweet on 21st February

We really loved how the journey of the smartphone was captured, along with that this is what is called keeping it simple, yet impactful . That is an ingenious way of showing off the product and creating hype for it. Apart from that it also let’s people know what they can expect in terms of the design. The design of the new BlackBerry brings the most iconic feature, the QWERTY keyboard back and amalgamates it with the modern streamlined design.

Tweet 23rd February

In terms of specs the device will feature a 4.7-inch display. Under the hood it will be equipped with Snapdragon 821, paired with a 3GB RAM. The camera is rumored to be the same as used by Google Pixel smartphones. BlackBerry will be one of the brands making a come back this year. To do this they are working on bringing the best security and service to their devices and for that they have outsourced the production and the distribution of the devices focusing only on their software of the device. With BlackBerry Mercury already revealed and enjoying the sunny day in Barcelona, we are excited to see which unique features will be offered.

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