Sony Xperia flagship not making its way to MWC 2017


Earlier reports suggested that Sony will be launching 5 new Xperia handsets at the MWC 2017. Well the official names of those devices are not known but there code names are: Yoshino, BlancBright, Keyaki, Hinoki, and MineoYoshino, the successor to Xperia Z5 Premium was hinted as the Sony flagship of the year with a 4K display. According to a new information brought forth by Android Headlines, this device will not be making its way to the MWC 2017 show. 

The reports claimed that the smartphone was going to be equipped with Snapdragon 835 processor which has been produced using the 9nm process. As Samsung has gotten their hands on the early supply of the chipset, no one else in the industry was able to get their hands on the early supply to use this chipset in their flagship devices. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will be the first flagship which will have the Snapdragon 835 on board. LG was also planning to make use of Snapdragon 835 but was unable to procure enough chipsets in time for the mass production of LG G6.

Now Sony comes forth as another victim but instead of making use of Snapdragon 820/821, the company has decided to wait so that they can make use of the latest power packed processor for their flagship. Waiting seems to be a better option given the competitive market, if companies are working on bringing their costumers the best available specs , well then they shouldn’t complain when they go elsewhere to get a better product. This also means that along with Yoshino, BlancBright will also be a no-show at Sony’s MWC press event if the company is planning to equip it with Snapdragon 835 too.

Sony has scheduled their event for 27th February in which they will be unveiling their new smartphones. Given that the flagship will not be announced there, we can expect Sony to introduce some new accessories along with the rest of the smartphones.


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