So you think you are a Gaming Geek? Play “Flappy Bird”


The game that has left the experts in deep thoughts. Well, yes it is that kind of tough game that will blow up your mind with frustration in a few seconds and may result in something unwanted. Hitting the top charts, Flappy Bird has gone viral over the past few days and doesn’t seem to stop growing for even a while. Flappy Bird is available for free in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. A new 2D arcade game which has achieved the status of the most popular free game on both IOS and Android platform. If you don’t have patience, I am afraid this game is not suitable for you, but It’s a very simple game and yet very difficult to master.

Packed up in only 894K with quite low graphic quality, this game has the ability to do the things no other game can ever do. You might be wondering what’s special and why I’ve been talking about this game in such a way, well, I played this game recently on my phone. At first I was laughing, it was kinda funny as it took me almost 10 attempts to figure out what to do in the game. Tapped the screen once and the Angry Bird shaped creature fell down, tapped again it fell down, and then after completing a number of attempts tap the screen twice and figured out the game works on a tap system and we got to keep the bird in the Air in order to keep it flapping.

There are hurdles in the bird’s way, pipes coming from downside up and upside down and you got to take the bird through the gap between these pipes. After playing the game over a few times, I was like, through my phone away and then a nice thought came why not to delete this app instead of damaging my phone. Well, I didn’t delete it as I wanted to show it to a few friends who have been claiming themselves as a gaming expert, the game is set to reveal who’s a real expert and it’s kinda impossible to play as well. So, the so called gaming geeks out there… Brace yourselves!

This game has no power ups or any kind of special feature. Graphics are simple just like old arcade games, but the difficulty level is on a whole new level and that’s what make this game popular and viral. People are writing a lot of reviews just to take out the frustration out of em’ and unfortunately I am one of them. Flappy Bird Screenshot

There has been a number of games going viral one after another. In old days, Angry Birds kept it’s title at top and then games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers were there for a different taste. We surely have seen each and every smartphone owner around us playing these games and then comparing the stats with the stats of others and then playing the game again and again to beat the competitors. Even Candy Crush Saga’s fever has lasted for a very long time and it’s not yet finished actually. After playing Flappy Bird I have started fearing that how the users are going to manage the competition and who will be actually able to beat his buddies in this game, well, if you play it don’t forget to share your high score with us through the comment box below.


Nguyen Ha Dong, a 29 year old developer is the creator of Flappy Bird and runs an indie game studio named as .Gears. On his interview, he claimed that he has never promoted the app and its his luck that the Flappy Bird went viral. Flappy bird has made his way to the number one free app on IOS and Android.

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