Send fake locations on WhatsApp using Android [ Tutorial ]


A simple trick to Send fake locations on WhatsApp using Android. It is working and you don’t need to root your device.

As you all know that WhatsApp allows us to send our current location using Google Maps to our WhatsApp contacts. Not only your exact location, but you can also share your live location. That way, one can know where you are going and it will provide a sense of security as well.

Send fake locations on WhatsApp

Now it is very useful for many but not for everyone. So those who are looking for a method to Send fake locations on WhatsApp using Android. I have a perfect solution for them and it works. But in order to make it work, you will require a third-party app.

How to send fake locations on WhatsApp using Android:

There are two methods which will let you send fake locations on WhatsApp. One is pretty simple and the other one is a bit lengthy in process. However, the easy one is not as effective as it seems and the other person whom you are sending will know. That it is a fake location but the second one is perfect and you can even share a fake live location to anyone.

The good thing is, using my second method if you send fake locations on WhatsApp. Trust me it won’t be detectable, no one will know what is your real location.

Fake using search on map method:

It’s not reliable. Moreover, everyone knows about this method and most probably you will get caught. This method is simple, open Maps using WhatsApp, pin your location manually and send it. Most likely, the other person will know its a fake location. Still, I think we should give it a try.

Step1: Open WhatsApp, Tap on the contact whom you want to send fake location.

Step2: Tap on the attachment icon and then tap on location. After that, a map will be loaded on your screen.

Step3: Now at the top of the screen you will see search option, type in the place, restaurant and hit enter.

Step4: Select the location and send it. Now when the person on the destination end opens the location, it will show him/her the location you selected in maps.

Send fake locations on WhatsApp using Android using mock location:

Let’s take things to the next level and tell you, people, how to Send fake locations on WhatsApp without getting caught. If you mess with your Android settings or you play games like Pokemon GO or Harry Potter Wizard. You will be well aware of a setting called location mocking. In this method, I will be using this option and a third-party app to send someone a fake location.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Heed the instruction in order to learn how to properly send fake locations on WhatsApp, even more, you can send live Fake locations also.

  1. Install Fake GPS:

    First thing you need is Fake GPS. An app which will allow you to select any location you want to send.

  2. Enable Developer Options & Mock Location:

    After installing the Fake GPS, now we need to enable Mock location but before that, you need to enable Developer Options. Settings > About device > Tap on “Build number” 7 times > Developer Options > Allow Mock Location.

  3. Set GPS Settings:

    Tap and hold on the GPS Icon or location icon in the quick setting drawer. It will take you to the GPS Settings. Set the GPS priority to “Device only.” Next, open the app and grant the permissions.

  4. Select your Location:

    In Fake GPS, pinpoint your location anywhere in the world. Once done, that will be your device location.

  5. Send Fake Locations using WhatsApp:

    Open WhatsApp -> Select Conversation -> Tap on Attachment Icon -> Tap on Maps -> Send your current location.

How can I send a fake location on WhatsApp iPhone?

Open WhatsApp -> Tap on ” + ” icon -> Tap on Location. Now manually select your location and tap on send. However, it is not reliable. I would suggest Jailbreaking your device and then you can send A fake location on WhatsApp using the iPhone.

How to manipulate WhatsApp live location?

You can manipulate the WhatsApp live location on Android, using the method given above. But on iOS, there is no solution available so far. If you can Jailbreak your device then it can be possible with a tweak called, location faking.

How do I fake my location on the iPhone?

The best method is to Jailbreak your iPhone. After that, you need to Install location faking tweak using Cydia.

That’s all. These are the best method you can use to send a fake location to anyone on WhatsApp but using Android.

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