Scanner Pro For iOS, Free For Limited Time Only.


Readdle, a company who has created a lot of Professional app for iOS, has made a Scanner Pro for iOS, which will cost you about $7 if you want to try it. But this app is now free to download and install on your device for a Week. This app is an awesome solution for all those Businessmen who wants to have a Portable Scanner in their hand. This app allows you to scan anything on the go using the built-in camera. The Functionality within scanner pro turns the iOS device to a Professional tool on the Spot, with its abilities and user experience recognized by Apple and it was made the App of the week.


It is not unusual for the app to go free or gets cheap during some occasions. Keeping this in mind, Readdle wants their users to get on board with Scanner Pro offering a 100& discount, bringing the price from $6.99 to Free for a period of Seven days. Anyone looking for an easy, Mobile and effective Scanner solution will feel at home after hearing this News. All scans with this app are easily read by this app and Convertible to a PDF document easily.


Scanner Pro features a lot of smart actions when it comes to detecting and processing the image within the give document. Automatic Edge plays an important role is distinguish between Image and Text. The resulting PDF can also be adopted. As you might have expected, the saved scan can also be E-Mailed directly form the app and can also be send to any Third-Party Services, like Drop-Box, Google Drive, Evernote etc.

iCloud Syncing option is also an amazing feature of this app, Scans can be created on a Phone and direclty send to an iPad using iCloud Syncing, if your iPad and iPhone is using the same iCloud account. It is rarely that an app like this gets free in any App Store, o make sure to Grab it now while it is Free.

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