Hard/Soft Reset the Xiaomi Mi A1 : Tutorial


Learn how to Hard / Soft Reset the Xiaomi Mi A1. We’ll be explaining all the methods which can help you Reset the Xiaomi Mi A1.

Whenever your device starts feeling buggy or lagging. You must perform reset your device. Moreover, if you have updated your device and after that, your device starts acting crazy. This is the time you must perform a factory reset to fix things up.

Most of the times by doing a factory reset you can fix most of the issues but not all. Today, We’ll be telling you how you can reset the Xiaomi Mi A1. Both soft and hard reset works as your device situation. A soft reset will not harm anything on your device. However, if you go with Hard Reset or Factory Reset, you’ll lose all of your data.

Reset the Xiaomi Mi A1

Hard/Soft Reset the Xiaomi Mi A1:

Heed the instructions below in order to Factory Reset the Xiaomi Mi A1. But before performing a factory reset you must backup your device. [ How to Backup Your Entire Android Device to PC ].

Soft Reset the Xiaomi Mi A1:

Soft Reset is also a simple reboot. All you have to turn off your device holding down the power button for 5 seconds. Once your device is completely turned off. Wait a while and turn it back on holding the power button again.

Hard Reset the Xiaomi Mi A1:

  • Open Settings on your Xiaomi Mi A1.
  • If you are running Android 7.0 Select ( Backup & reset ). If you are running Android Oero Select ( System -> Reset ).
  • Select the Factory Reset.
  • Tap on Reset Phone option.
  • Tap Erase Everything.

Reset Xiaomi Mi A1 using recovery mode:

  • Turn off your Xiaomi Mi A1.
  • Press and Hold Volume Up and Power together.
  • Wait until you see the Xiaomi Mi logo on your screen. Once you do release the buttons.
  • Use the Volume buttons, scroll down and highlight ” Wipe Reset “. To select this option press the power button.
  • Navigate using Volume buttons, Select Wipe All Data using the power button.
  • Select Yes on the next screen.

That’s all. This is how you can reset the Xiaomi Mi A1. Please do tell us how was your experience in the comment section below.

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