Best Free Rainmeter Skins for Windows


Windows customizations lovers can find the best free Rainmeter skins here. All of these free Rainmeter Skins for Windows are hand-picked.


Before you download the free Rainmeter Skins for Windows, it’s important to know what this software is. If you are a fan of customization, the Rainmeter is the software you need. Rainmeter changes the entire look of your computer’s desktop. There are a few things that you need to have a clear idea about.

Rainmeter does not tweak or modify the system. It brings features on the top of your existing system instead. If you have ever used an Android phone, you must have an idea about the widgets that can change the look of your phone’s home screen. Back in the day, there used to be dedicated widgets apps, some of the apps still exist which can completely turn around the look of your phone. The Rainmeter does something similar, but for the desktop computers and Laptops powered by Windows.

Rainmeter adds widgets to your computer’s screen. These widgets, known as skins for Rainmeter, can be synced with your computer. For example, if you go for a skin that shows the information about the CPU and RAM, it will take that information from your system and show it on the screen in realtime.

You can install a visualizer skin and sync it with Spotify or Windows Media Player. The visualizer will animate on the Desktop with the songs played in your selected player. While doing this, Rainmeter will not interrupt any of your activities.

I recently got to know about Rainmeter and I was amazed to see how it changes the look of a PC. First of all, I was overwhelmed by the number of options it had. I wanted to pick up the best Rainmeter skins to avoid the confusion between countless options and that’s when I decided to do this post as well. Go ahead and download the best free Rainmeter skins now.

Best Free Rainmeter Skins for Windows

DropTop Four

DropTop Four by BlackSquared adds a macOS like a toolbar at the top of your desktop of Windows PC. It shows a home button on the top-left corner of the screen followed by a tray showing menus like Games, Bookmarks, Controls, Places. On the top-right side, it shows the icons of WiFi, Battery, Weather, Mailbox, Date, etc. DropTop Four is pre-loaded with 20 different skins. It has over 300 icons, you can change the icons of almost everything starting from the home button to the WiFi. Up to 6 toolbars can be added via Droptop Four Rainmeter Skin.

Best Free Rainmeter Skins


If you love Minimalism, NUXHD is the Rainmeter skin that can bring all of it to your Desktop’s screen. NUXHD has a player, a clock widget, folders, a notes window which acts like sticky notes. It also has a visualizer that syncs with your player. NUXHD also has a Weather and Dock for Websites and of course, the settings menu. The panel of NUXHD appears right in the middle of the screen. Keeping the surroundings clean, you can give an extra-brilliant look to your Windows Desktop via NUXHD Rainmeter Skin. Here is how it looks.

Rainmeter Skins for Windows

Material Taskbar

The name says it all, but if you still don’t know, Material Design language was introduce a few years back. This new design language takes a minimal approach to the icons and UI elements. Material Taskbar can add Material Design icons in a small taskbar that sticks to the bottom-center of the Windows PC’s desktop. You can choose the icons you want to show. Material Taskbar will have its own skin for all the icons, but these icons will open the apps/software that you will assign them to.

Rainmeter Skins for Windows


The Cold Rainmeter Skin has a Player, Clock, Settings, Date, and a Weather widget. It mixes up the widgets and elements with your wallpaper in such a way that they look like a part of the wallpaper. If you have a winters wallpaper and you want to give a cozy look to your Desktop, you can mix-up the elements of the Cold theme with the wallpaper. The original wallpaper of the Cold Skin is supposed to do something similar and you can find the wallpaper bundled with the theme. Here is how beautiful it looks.

Best Free Rainmeter Skins


Basier is a simple yet beautiful theme with a lot of minimalism involved. It brings a weather widget, player, mailbox, settings, and calendar widget which can blend into your pre-applied wallpaper. Take a look.

Rainmeter Skins for Windows

Vector Visualizer

Just as its name suggests, it’s built out of vector art and appears at the bottom of your screen. Vector Visualizer can be linked to your music player. It supports Windows Media Player, Google Play Music, Spotify Player, and a number of other players. The vector art keeps animating at the bottom of your screen in sync with the currently played song.

Rainmeter Skins for Windows

UI White

Take your love for white to a whole new level with UI White. This skin brings all-white elements to the screen. It has a white calendar, white icons in a transparent taskbar, a white clock. UI White also shows the computer’s hardware usage information with white icons followed by white progress bars. With a subtle wallpaper, the UI white looks extremely amazing. 

Rainmeter Skins for Windows


Mond also comes from the developers of Basier. This is one of the best Skins in terms of style. It shows a big calendar right in the middle of the screen followed by a player and a weather widget. This is also one of the cleanest Rainmeter skins. Skins like Mond put the least amount of burden on a PC in order to keep running smoothly. Here is how Mond appears.

Best Free Rainmeter Skins


unFold shows very nice, clean, and simple icons in a vertical bar on the screen. Upon hovering over the icons, the name of the app unFolds, and that’s the whole concept of this skin. It looks good enough to make its way to our list of best free Rainmeter Skins for Windows.

Rainmeter Skins for Windows


Built for gamers, if you want to give your desktop a gamer’s look, you can use the GameHub. It shows all of your games in the form of big tiles and makes the screen look as if it’s a gaming console listing those titles. GameHub also lists the apps of your PC, it has a menu button that shows your apps. GameHub is also inspired by Material Design. It’s a slightly heavy skin and can cause lag, but its looks are worth it.

Rainmeter Skins for Windows


If you are a fan of the mobile (Android/iOS) Spotify Player, you can now bring it to your Windows PC using the SpotiPlayer Rainmeter Skin. The Skin is developed by a Redditor and it works flawlessly. SpotiPlayer syncs with the music stored on your computer.

Rainmeter Skins for Windows
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