Download PUBG Mobile Timi APK | Sano Jungle Map – 5.56mm assault rifle Added


Download PUBG Mobile Timi APK latest Update. Those who don’t know about PUBG Mobile Timi, let me elaborate. PUBG Mobile has two version for China region. Both are under Tencent umbrella but developers are different. PUBG Mobile is developed by Lightspeed studio, that’s why it’s called lightspeed version. The other PUBG Mobile version is called PUBG Mobile Marching Timi Studio which is created by Timi Studio developers. So Today, we have the latest version of PUBG Mobile Marching Timi Studio.

Download PUBG Mobile Timi APK
Download PUBG Mobile Timi APK | Sano Jungle Map – 5.56mm assault rifle Added

PUBG Overview:

PUBG Mobile is about a very intense battle that’s going on in a remote Island. About a 100 different players have made their way to the Island through a parachute. These players now want to become the last man standing. The last man standing is going to be declared as the winner of the battle. In order to achieve this goal, players have to kill every other player on the Island. To do so, they can look for resources to craft weapons. While this process is going to be very long, players will have to make complete arrangements to survive on the Island. They will learn to cook food, they will learn to craft items to help their survival. PUBG Mobile’s outstanding graphics will make you fall in love with it within no time.

Download PUBG Mobile Timi:

PUBG Mobile’s Timi latest version is You can download PUBG Mobile APK for Android phones from below. The PUBG Mobile APK can be installed by following the instructions given in this tutorial. The APK is completely untouched, safe and secure. If PUBG Mobile is not available in your country or you can’t download it because of some other reason, go ahead and download it from here now.

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What’s New:

– New map, new weapon – 
(1) New map: Sano Jungle debuts. Sano Jungle is a small tropical island jungle battlefield, with fierce fighting confrontation, unique Southeast Asian style scenes, and undulating jungle topography. Swiftly hit chicken in the jungle and wait for you to come! 
(2) New weapons: QBZ strikes. Add a new 5.56mm assault rifle: QBZ, domestic light airborne Jedi, magic encounters a weapon, battlefield partners to add strong support, this chicken can not eat! 
– New system, new functions – 
(1) New arsenal function. Click on the arsenal button in the lower left corner of the hall to enter. You can view the current version of all weapon performance and data. 
(2) New weapon sighting customizations. You can customize the style and color of front sights that do not open the mirror, red spot mirror, holographic mirror, 2x mirror, and 3x collimator in the setting interface. Just gun stole people more stable! 
(3) New route reminder. In the new version, the attackers can clearly see the route of this flight when they are born, and the route strategy is formulated in advance! 
(4) The new team system, the new team system will soon debut, after the player to join the team can receive daily team rewards through the “team treasure” to complete the weekly exclusive team weeks task will not only obtain a large number of “team reputation”, More able to contribute their own strength, to help push the team to take full advantage of the peak [team leaderboard], and his comrades to join hands to create glory! 
(5) Add new team malls. Hit friends can use the accumulated team reputation to exchange cool props for all types of teams. This time, the team is really fighting! 
(6) New weapons skin system, more handsome firearm appearance waiting for you to experience.

How to Download PUBG Mobile and install it on Android

  1. Download PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 from here and copy it to your phone. ( Mirror).
  2. On your phone, go to Settings > Lock Screen & Security or Security Settings > Unknown Sources > Tap the radio button or checkbox to allow it.
  3. Now using a file manager, locate the PUBG Mobile and open it.
  4. Install the APK by following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Once installed, open the newly installed PUBG Mobile game from all apps or app drawer.
  6. PUBG will now start and download its data.
  7. After the data downloads, you can start playing the game. That’s all.
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