9 Best Local WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android


Following are the 9 Best Local WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android. If you like to play games with your friends on a local Wifi network then you should try the following games. A few days back, I posted about Best Andorid racing games and today, Local WiFi Multiplayer Games. Let’s jump right in.

9 Best Local WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android:

All of these games are also available on iOS devices or maybe not all of them. But you find a number of these games on App Store. That means you can also Play Local WiFi Multiplayer Games on iOS devices.

1: Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

The new Doodle Army is named as Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia is a purely multiplayer game in which you can jump into the combat forming a team with up to 6 players online on different servers or you can form a team of 12 players available on a same local Wi=Fi connection.

Local WiFi Multiplayer Games

You can train your army offline and then join the battles online to show off your skills. There are Co-op and survival modes to test your skills. There’s a variety of weapons to power up your shooting skills in this game. DA 2 has got some nice graphics to make the gameplay look more enchanting.

Doodle Army 2 is based on stickman aesthetics. DA 2 basically evolved out of the ideas and suggestions are given to the developers by the users. Mini-Militia is a free to play game and offers some in-app purchases. Doodle Army 2 stands on top in our list of Local WiFi Multiplayer Games.

Check out Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia for PC!

2: Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer

It is a simple yet very addictive game if you want to play traditional racing games, Racers Vs Cops is not for you. The game-play is very simple, either you can be a Cop or a racer. If you are a Cop then you have to stop the racers before they complete the race. However, if you are a racer then you need to do anything and finish the race without being caught.

Local WiFi Multiplayer Games

Racers Vs Cops is a free game but it contains Ads. In order to upgrade your cars, you will require in-game currency.

3: Badminton League

If you want to play Badminton with your friends on your Android devices. You should try Badminton League, A simple and fun game to play with friends via WiFi. The game-play is simple and very good at imitating the rocket and shuttlecock. Moreover, you can customize your own character as per your choice.

Local WiFi Multiplayer Games

4: Terraria:

If you are a fan of Minecraft, then you will love Terraria. Terraria is a game carrying the concept of Minecraft, dig, build, and fight. You get a chance to explore the flying islands, new worlds, desert and more. Moreover, you can create your own worlds just as you like, prepare your army and fights with friends to take over their worlds. In order to expand yours, Terraria is a paid game and in order to explore the mystic worlds, you have to pay $4.99.

Local WiFi Multiplayer Games

5: Crossy Road:

Disney Crossy Road stands on number 5 in our Local WiFi Multiplayer Games list. Crossy Road presents you your favorite characters from movies like The Lion King, Tangled, Wreck-It-Ralph, and others. There are new locations to play the game in. You can play Disney Crossy Road in the 8-bit movie world. Disney Crossy Road brings a lot of new challenges to spice up your gameplay.

Disney Crossy Road’s concept is pretty much similar to the original Crossy Road. The twist is in the elements, characters, and aesthetics of this game. Disney Crossy Road brings you over 100 funny characters from Pixar. These characters include Mickey, Buzz Lightyear, Rapunzel, Sadness, Mufasa and many of your favorite characters.

You may also want to try Disney Crossy Road for PC.

6: Asphalt 8: Airborne:

Asphalt 8: Airborne, as the name suggests packs up the new Dynamic Aerial stunts. The game consists of new cars, new tracks in addition to these Gameloft also added the Music Track change feature to the game.

The graphics are much improved from the previous additions of the Asphalt series. The game consists of 47 cars, out of which, 80% are new according to Gameloft. The new stunts like barrel rolls, wild 360-degree jumps, and the new locations are just awesome.

This game also sports new features in the career mode, simultaneous multiplayer and ghost challenge mode is also there, while the car damage system looks even more realistic.

7: Mini Motor Racing:

If you are done playing the traditional racing games and want to try something new in racing games. It’s time to try Mini Motor Racing. You will have to drive tiny cars on with over 50+ tracks to race. The game view is Top-down and you will have multiple types of cars in Mini conditions.

Mini Motor Racing is a free game but with Ads & In-app purchases. You can download Mini Motor Racing from Google Play.

8: Minecraft: Pocket Edition:

Want to play Minecraft game with your friends over WiFi, then you would love Minecraft: Pocket Edition. A perfect local multiplayer mode of Minecraft inspired games, it works and you can actually play Minecraft with your friends. However, it comes with a price of $6.99. You can download Minecraft: Pocket Edition from Google Play.

9: Crazy Racing:

Let take the racing games to the next level, Crazy Racing allows you to perform insane stunts, use guns to blow up your friend’s cars, destroy every car that came in front of you. You will be provided with a number of cars, all of them have different features and characteristics.

Moreover, you will be provided tracks with the most extreme conditions. Such as industrial zone & extraterrestrial route etc.

That’s all for today, these were the best Local WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android devices and tablets.

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