How to unjailbreak iOS 12.4 – Remove Cydia/Sileo & Unc0ver/Chimera


This is the guide to unjailbreak iOS 12.4 and to remove Cydia/Sileo & Unc0ver/Chimera from your iPhone or iPad.

Its been 2 days since the release of Jailbreak for an active public version of iOS. The Unc0ver 3.5.0 and Chimera 1.3.3 have allowed users to Jailbreak iOS 12.4 powered devices. Jailbreak users have successfully Jailbroken devices as old as iPhone 5 and as new as iPhone XS Max. Jailbreak, to the advanced iOS users, is like a cherry on the cake. But that doesn’t mean the same goes for average iOS users. If you recently Jailbroke your iOS 12.4 iPhone or iPad and your device has been acting weird since then, it’s time to unjailbreak it.

unjailbreak iOS 12.4 - Remove Cydia/Sileo & Unc0ver/Chimera

Unjailbreaking an iOS 12.4 device is a very easy method. The method actually lies withing in the Jailbreak tools. New Jailbreakers don’t really have an idea of what they are up to which is why they sometimes find it a bit troubling to unjailbreak their devices. Your quest to unjailbreak iOS 12.4 powered iPhone/iPad should come to an end as soon as you land on our page. I’m going to show you the steps to unjailbreak iOS 12.4. I will also show you how you can easily remove Cydia/Sileo and also how to uninstall Unc0ve and Chimera.

In case you are interested, unjailbreaking your iOS device mans restoring the root file system. This restores each and every modification on your iPhone. When your iPhone is Jailbroken, it doesn’t allow OTA updates and certain other features can crash too. Unjailbreaking the device restores all stock code and settings. This will make your iPhone or iPad function in the normal way once again.

Another thing to note here is that many users opt for a new firmware installation via iTunes in order to unjailbreak. That lengthy method isn’t needed anymore. The new Unc0ver and Chimera tools give you the option to unjailbreak on the go. Things have become much more convenient today.

Without any further talk, let’s take a look at the steps now.

Update:Download Checkra1n 0.9.1 – Jailbreak iOS 13.2.2

Unjailbreak iOS 12.4 – Remove Cydia/Sileo & Unc0ver/Chimera

Time needed: 2 minutes.

These are the few simple and easy steps to unjailbreak iOS 12.4.

  1. Open Unc0ver or Chimera on the iPhone.

    On the iPhone, open Unc0ver and go to its Settings (Gear icon on the top-right corner) and enable the “Root FS” option.
    For Chimera, click on the “up-arrow” appearing at the bottom and click on Restore Root FS under “Having trouble”.

  2. Restore Root FS on Unc0ver or Chimera now.

    Open Unc0ver or Chimera on the iPhone and click on the “restore root FS or Restore FileSystem” options. The unjailbreak process will start.

  3. Cydia and Sileo Apps will be gone now.

    As the unjailbreak process comes to an end, your iPhone will restart on its own. After this, you will see that Cydia or Sileo apps have disappeared from the phone now.

  4. Uninstall Unc0ver or Chimera now.

    Go to apps and long-press the Unc0ver or Chimera icon and then click on uninstall. Restart your iPhone or iPad after uninstalling.

  5. Congratulations, your iOS 12.4 is unjailbroken now.

    You have successfully performed the iOS 12.4 unjailbreak processes. Your iPhone is back to its stock settings now. You can update it or perform any other activity that wasn’t previously working because of Jailbreak.

That’s all. I hope you guys found this guide helpful. If you have any questions/queries, feel free to reach out to us. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Last Updated: 26th October 2019

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  1. I deleted chimera from the device without unjailbreaking and know icant delete selio cuz chimera is gone !! Plz can you guys help ?!

  2. I jailbreaked using uncover app and I even unjailbraked, but my software update is telling there is something wrong try later . Can you help?

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