Bluetooth cuts or stutters with Galaxy Buds [Solution]


Samsung introduced Galaxy buds as a competitor to the hugely popular AirPods. At launch, a lot of people were skeptical of this style of wireless earphones. However, over time, it is proven that this is the future. Galaxy buds launched with the Galaxy S10 series. These are pretty good in terms of sound, battery life, and comfort. However, a lot of Galaxy buds users are facing connectivity issues. The Galaxy buds Bluetooth sound stutters or cuts randomly. This may also happen if you put hands over the phone. The sound of music cuts or stutters for just a second on Galaxy buds and then goes back to normal.

What causes Bluetooth sound stutter with Galaxy Buds?

Before continuing, it is worth mentioning that this issue is mainly noticed on Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. Therefore, we can safely say that Android Pie 9.0 certainly has something to do with it. And there is a proof for it too.

Android Pie comes with adaptive battery features. What it does is that it cuts down the power to any app or service that is continuously draining the battery. Especially in the background. Bluetooth is also treated as an app/service by the system. Therefore, whenever the battery usage is continuous, it starts cutting down power.

Instead of completely cutting down the power (Which would mean that Bluetooth sound won’t work), it reduces the signal strength. Android Pie is highly focused on making features that help conserve battery. This aggressive approach can sometimes make the apps behave abnormally. 

What happens in the case of Buds is that the power of the Bluetooth signal is dampened to conserve the battery. Now, whenever the user puts their hand over the phone or moves the phone around too much, the signal is temporarily disturbed. This in turn causes the BlueTooth sound stutter on Galaxy buds connected to the phone. 

In addition to the buds, BlueTooth speakers may also experience stuttering when connected to Galaxy S10, S10+ or any other Android Pie powered phone. Therefore, the issue is not with speakers or buds, but with the phone’s software itself. However, don’t fret, the issue to this is very simple and you can follow the steps in the next section below.

Fix for Bluetooth music stutter

As mentioned earlier, this issue is because of the phone’s settings and not the speakers or buds. Follow the steps below to fix the Bluetooth music sound stutter on any BlueTooth device including Galaxy buds.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on the search bar and type “Optimize Battery Usage”.
  3. Now you will see the Battery Optimization tab under special Access. Open it.fix bluetooth sound stutter on galaxy buds
  4. Tap on “Optimize Battery Usage” in the next window.fix bluetooth stutter cut galaxy buds speakers
  5. It will open a list of apps under “Not optimized”. 
  6. Tap on it and change it to “All”.
  7. Now scroll down the list and look for “Bluetooth”.
  8. Change its slider to off.fix bluetooth sound cut galaxy buds speakers

That’s it! This is will now put your phone’s BlueTooth back to its maximum output and remove stutter while playing music through Galaxy buds or any other Bluetooth speakers.

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