How to Refund a Purchased App from Mac Store


Most of the times, we purchase an app just to see whether it works or not and if it works then we keeps it, otherwise most of us wanted a Refund, especially if the app doesn’t do what has been mentioned that it will do, however, Paid apps works most of the times, although not all of us likes them. Sometimes, purchasing a Wrong app makes a user to think that he should be refunded, although chances are too low that it will happen, but in rare cases if anything were to happens like this, there should be a way to get a refund for the app.

In Mac Store if you have made such a mistake, or if the App has been advertised in a wrong way, or if it contains bugs and other issues, for all these problems there is a really simple solution, just get a Refund. However, not all the apps can be refunded, but if you case is genuine, then your credit card funds will be reversed and the App will be removed from your account, without further ado, let us continue towards the tutorial.

How to Refund a Purchased App from Mac Store

Refund a Purchased App:

First of all make sure that the app you have purchased is not older than 90 days.

  1. Open iTunes on your Mac.
  2. Navigate to iTunes Store
  3. Navigate to View Account.
  4. Scroll Down to Purchase History.
  5. Click See All to see all of your Purchases.
  6. Click on Report a Problem.
  7. Now Click Report a Problem against the app you want to Refund.
  8. On the Next Step Specify the Details and Reason for Refund
  9. If you have purchased the app by Mistake, Click the “I didn’t Authorized the Purchase
  10. Click on Request a Refund
  11. You’ll be contacted via E-Mail whether you request has been accepted or not

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