Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode disappeared from Camera App – FIXED


Samsung Galaxy S10 is becoming a problem brigade. Every now and then, the S10 owners report a new issue. At times, the device itself is having problems and sometimes, the third-party apps are being the culprits. Just yesterday, the Galaxy S10 owners reported that they lost Instagram Mode in the camera application. The Instagram Mode disappeared all of a sudden and they had no idea what went wrong. Later on, it turned out that the Instagram application was the problem. If the Instagram Mode has disappeared from your Galaxy S10 too, I would like you to stop panicking first of all. The solution to this problem is really simple and you are going to have it here. In this guide, you will find the steps to fix the Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode disappeared from the Camera App. Before you apply the solution, let me tell you about what this Instagram mode is all about.

S10 Instagram Mode disappeared

Samsung Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode

When you post stories on Instagram, you must have noted that Instagram uses the camera in full-screen mode. If you try to put pictures captured from your phone’s camera in an Instagram story, its aspect ratio will be different. You can either zoom-in the picture, but you will lose a part of the picture or video, or the second solution is to make the story using Instagram’s camera. Samsung wanted to equip the Galaxy S10 with a solution to this issue. The South Korean giant, in collaboration with Instagram, added the Instagram mode to its stock camera application.

When you open the Camera on your Galaxy S10, you can find the Instagram mode on the left side next to the Food. This mode will run your phone’s camera in full screen. Any picture or video that you shoot in this mode, can be uploaded on Instagram as it is. You don’t have to zoom in or crop a picture anymore. The Instagram Mode, indeed, is a great utility for Instagram bloggers and users.

Now that the Galaxy S10 owners got used to the Instagram Mode, it started disappearing all of a sudden. It was noted by a Redditor that this happened only after the recent Instagram update. Luckily, they were able to quickly find the solution and get it back immediately. So, as you go ahead now, you can find the steps to get Instagram Mode back on your S10.

Instagram mode dissapeared from stock camera app from r/galaxys10

Steps to fix Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode disappeared from Camera App

  1. On your Galaxy S10, open the App Drawer.
  2. Uninstall the Instagram application now.
  3. Open the Play Store and find Instagram.
  4. Install it again.
  5. Login into Instagram.
  6. Now open your Camera application.
  7. You will find Instagram Mode back there.

That’s all. Since there was a problem with the latest Instagram update, it took the Instagram mode away. You have it back now. Happy storytelling on Instagram now!


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