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If you are a video creator looking for a best free video conversion tool, you have landed at the right place. Download FFMPEG on Windows 10 now. FFMPEG converts videos and audio from any format to a format of your choice within a few seconds.

download ffmpeg on windows 10
Running FFMPEG on Windows 10


If this is the first time you’ve heard about FFMPEG, let me tell you a little about this tool. FFMPEG is an open-source video converter tool. It uses a command-line UI and it’s built for pro-users only, but don’t worry. We have a guide to convert videos using FFMPEG which will help beginners too.

So what can the FFMPEG do? Well, it’s versatile nature can decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter, and play almost every single format of audio and video files that exist to date. Even the formats that have become obsolete and no player supports them, the FFMPEG will treat those the way you want. 

To keep things easy, we will not indulge too much into the technical functionality of the FFMPEG. The tool is mainly used to convert extremely large video files from one format to another. For example, if you have shot an mkv video file and you are unable to convert it using any converter, the FFMPEG will come to the rescue. It can convert mkv files of 4K resolution into MP4 within a few seconds. No matter how big your file is, you will be completely surprised once you see how fast FFMPEG works. 

Not only the formats, but you can also change the resolution of videos through this tool. Furthermore, you can enforce a different frame rate on a video file. The bit rate of audio/video files can be changed via FFMPEG too.

This tool seems very simple at first, but it’s huge. The applications of FFMPEG are unlimited. Even the most expensive media conversion tools do not offer the kind of features this tool has. Obviously, you have to master it first. It’s not that simple to use and you would need tutorials.

Even downloading this tool is not that simple which is why I’m going to show you how to download FFMPEG on Windows 10. Take a look below and then find our tutorial below as well.

Download FFMPEG on Windows 10

  1. Go to the Zeranoe FFMPEG page.
  2. Select your Windows architecture i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit.
  3. Select “Static” linking.
  4. Click on Download.
  5. FFMPEG will be downloaded in the form of a zip file.

How to install FFMPEG on Windows

  1. Extract the zip file, rename the extracted folder to FFMPEG only.
  2. Open the FFMPEG folder > bin > Copy the path of this folder.
  3. Now go to the start menu > type “env” > edit the system environment variables.
  4. Click on Environment Variables.ffmpeg on windows 10
  5. Click on Path > Edit > New > Paste your FFmpeg bin location that you just copied.ffmpeg on windows 10ffmpeg on windows 10
  6. Now within the System Variables, check the PATHEXT and make sure .exe is added there. If it’s not there, add it just like other variables are added.ffmpeg on windows 10
  7. Open a command window on the PC now.
  8. Type “FFmpeg” and hit enter.
  9. You will get the FFmpeg version details pointing towards a successful installation.ffmpeg on windows 10




At this point, you have installed the FFMPEG and now you are all good to convert videos between different formats, codecs, and resolutions. Check out our detailed guide on how to convert videos using FFMPEG. If you have any questions in mind or need any help regarding the FFMPEG, reach out to us using the comment section below or our contact page. Our team of experts will get back to you in time.

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