Fix Black Camera Problem On iPhone 11 / Pro / Max


I have heard from a number of iPhone users that they are facing problems with the new iPhone 11 / Pro / Max. Just to be clear, it seems there is a camera problem on iPhone 11 / Pro / Max. So, here’s how you can Fix Black Camera Problem On iPhone 11 / Pro / Max.

It seems Apple is working hard on their camera department, you can see for yourself, I mean Night mode in iPhone 11 Pro camera. Not only that, now you have a Wide angel and also in the latest update of iOS 13 beta, they have added Deep Fusion.

Black Camera Problem On iPhone 11

I mean come on, this is a lot coming from Apple. Most of the time they didn’t even bother to hear what their users want. You can see what they did in the past but now things have changed and they started listing.

Well, you get the picture, now let’s tell you what you can do when you start facing Black Camera Problem On iPhone 11 / Pro / Max. All the workarounds I am providing to you, these are all the basic troubleshooting steps that you should do. When you start seeing Black Camera Problem On iPhone 11 / Pro / Max.

Fix Black Camera Problem On iPhone 11 / Pro / Max:

Heed the instructions below and you will able to fix the iPhone 11, Pro, and Max black camera problem. There is no word from Apple and this issue will be most likely because of a software bug. Believe me iOS 13 is still buggy after getting new updates, still things are messy.

Reboot your iPhone:

This is the best and universal solution for everyone. Whether you are a pro or a layman, whenever your device starts acting funny. The first thing everyone does is to reboot their device. You should do the same.

Try Switching Cameras:

When you start seeing a black screen, the first thing you should do apart for restarting your device is to switch between cameras. Yes, for e.g, if you are using wide-angle mode, try switching it ultra-wide or maybe to the normal mode.

Force-Quit The Camera App:

Close the Camera app and wait for a few seconds and then launch the Camera app again. See it works, if not, close it again and open apps like Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, etc. Check them and use the camera and see what going on, is it behaving the same as it was or on these apps, it is working.

Clear Cache and Data of iPhone:

Yes, you can do that on the iPhone. It’s pretty simple and it will just take a few seconds of yours. It may work or it may not but the thing is, you need to try everything is you want your device to behave normally again.

  1. Open Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Offload Unused Apps -> Enabled.

That will be all for now. As soon as I found a proper solution or Apple provides an update, I will let you know.

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