Download: watchOS 6.0.1 For Apple Watch


Apple has released its first watchOS 6.0.1 to the public. You can now download watchOS 6.0.1 for your Apple watches. It seems Apple is now working on software updates to provide more stability to their user experience. Moreover, these updates come with a number of fixes every time.

We have seen many bugs and issues on iOS 13, even in the beta stage. Well not just in the beta stage, I am still having issues with iPhone running iOS 13. These news updates are more focused on the iPhone and iPad OS. Because Apple has claimed that the iOS 13 is will load 2x faster apps than any other OS. So the pressure is huge, giving us 4GB Ram and telling us fastest, it doesn’t add up.

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Now let’s talk about today’s update. First of all not huge or one with tons of new features. It’s more likely a patch that will help you fix all the recent issues you were facing on your Apple Watch. If you have heard about the bug ” display calibration ” problem. Well, this update will fix it.

Download: watchOS 6.0.1

Download: watchOS 6.0.1 For Apple Watch:

If you haven’t updated your device, I think you should and get rid of a number of issues. You can update through OTA or you can download watchOS 6.0.1 for free direct from Apple.

I would suggest you should follow the instructions below in order to update your Apple Watch to watchOS 6.0.1. It’s pretty simple no need to a pro to update your watch.

How to Update your Apple Watch to watchOS 6.0.1:

Heed the instructions below to update your Apple Watch Series 5 to watchOS 6.0.1. But before you proceed, you make sure that your Apple Watch battery is at least 50%.

  • Open up your Apple Watch on your iPhone.
  • Head over to the General Section.
  • Tap on Software update.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and prompts.

That will be all. Make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are in the specified range. This is important to remember, Updates can take time to download.

watchOS 6.0.1 For Apple Watch Release Note:

watchOS 6.0.1 optimizes performance, provides security updates, and contains improvements and bug fixes, including: – Resolves an issue where the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse watch face does not speak time – Addresses an issue where the calendar complication may not display events – Fixes a bug that could result in a loss of display calibration dataApple


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