Download Google Play Apps Without WiFi


Having trouble while downloading apps & games from Google Play Via WiFi? Heed the instructions below to learn how to Download Google Play Apps Without WiFi.

Download Google Play Apps Without WiFi

Android users know that Google Play is official source to download apps and games. All you have to do is connect to a WiFi or Mobile Data, you can download any app or game. But there are times when you cannot download anything from Google Play when connected to WiFi. When you are in this situation my solutions will get you going, even if you are not connected to a WiFi you will be able to download Google Play App.

How To Download Google Play Apps Without WiFi

First, I will tell you the alternative to WiFi so that you can understand how you can download Google Play Apps Without WiFi. After that, I will provide you with a number of solutions to fix such problems. Where you are unable to download apps from Google Play.

Download using Mobile Data

Mobile is the best alternative to WiFi when it comes to downloading apps from Google Play. Everyone switch to Mobile data if WiFi is not working. By default, your Android device prefers WiFi over mobile data.

Since you are having issues while using WiFi, so in order to download Google Play Apps without WiFi. First, you need to turn off WiFi on your device. Once WiFi is turned off, Google Play will automatically switch over to the mobile data. However, after switching to mobile data, Google Play isn’t downloading apps. You need to change settings from Google Play settings.

  • Google Play.
  • Settings.
  • App Download Preference.
  • Select Over any Network.

Now after switching to mobile data and still you won’t be able to download Google Play apps, you need to try the following solutions:


Restart Your Device

Sometimes when the Google Play Store is acting strangely, it’s not loading, not downloading the applications and giving the force close error, the easiest and the very first thing to try out is restarting your device. Restarting it will end all the processes in your device and help the Google Play Store to work again. If this doesn’t work, you may head towards the next solution.

Google Play Store Errors:

Forget your WiFi network and add it again

Connection issues sometimes can be fixed using by removing and forgetting your WiFi connection from your Android device and then re-connecting it. To do so, go to Settings > Networks and Connections > WiFi > Long press your WiFi and forget it and then add it again.


Clear Google Play Store Cache

Clearing the Google Play Store Cache can sometimes fix the errors with Google Play Store. This cache basically holds the temporary data from the Google Play Store that helps it to load quickly without taking any extra time. Clearing the cache will wipe all this data and result in fixing the loading issues with the Google Play.

To clear the Google Play Store Cache, go to Settings > Applications / Application Manager > All > Google Play Store > Clear Cache and also Clear Data.

Clear Google Play Store DataApp Manager
Play Store

Google Play Store also saves the necessary data on your Android device. This data may include your searches, information regarding the applications installed on your phone and other files. Clearing the data is proved as the best solution for fixing the “Google Play Store not responding” and the force close errors.

To clear the Google Play Store data, go to Settings > Applications / Application Manager > All > Google Play Store > Clear Data.

After you clear the data, you will find that the Play Store will start as giving you a pop up for accepting the terms and conditions and it will act as a fresh application. In short, it will refresh your Play Store.

App ManagerDownload Google Play Apps Without WiFi

Uninstall & Re-install Play Store Updates

Play Store update itself as soon as an update arrives. Sometimes a new update can result in causing some difficulties for your Play Store to work properly. To get rid of this problem, you can uninstall the updates. This will uninstall the most recent update and revert your Play Store back to its previous state that probably will be working.

To uninstall the Play Store updates, go to Settings > Applications / Application Manager > All > Google Play Store > Uninstall Updates.

Clear Cache of the Google Play Services

In case you don’t know, Google Play Services is the essential part that keeps all the Google Apps running on your Android device. If your device is missing the Play Services or Play Services aren’t working properly, using any Google App will give you the Play Services error. When the Play Store is acting weird, clearing the cache of the Play Services can also act as a solution.

App ManagerDownload Google Play Apps Without WiFi


To clear the Google Play Services Cache, go to Settings > Applications / Application Manager > All > Google Play Services > Clear cache.

Make sure that the Download Manager is enabled

If your Google Play Store is having difficulties downloading an application, you need to check that your Android device’s download manager is working properly or not, and is it enabled or disabled. The error caused in this situation will keep the process bar for the app download running and it won’t show any progress.

To check that Download Manager is enabled or not, go to Settings > Applications / Application Manager > All > Download Manager > Enable it if it’s disabled.  Also, consider clearing Download Manager cache and data.

Download Google Play Apps Without WiFi

Remove and restore Gmail Account

Removing and putting the Gmail account again on your Android device can sometimes fix the issues you’re experiencing with the Android app store. To do so, Settings > Accounts > Google > Tap your current account > Remove account.

After removing the account, go to the same settings and add your account from scratch.

Account SyncDownload Google Play Apps Without WiFi


Clear Cache of your phone

The Play Store problems do not entirely depend on the Google Play Store application or any other Google Application. The culprit may be your phone sometimes, there may be some processes or some applications store in the cache memory of your phone that are refraining the Play Store from working properly. Clearing your device’s cache can fix it in this case.

To do so, reboot your device into the recovery mode and clear its cache.

Download Google Play Apps Without WiFi

Wipe Factory Data / Reset

The last thing if all of the solutions listed above fail. Although it is not recommended, but there’s no other choice. You may simply backup each and everything on your Android device and perform a factory data reset using the recovery mode.

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