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Google is working on a new file manager called the Files Go. It just slipped out of Google’s hands and made it to the web yesterday. The unreleased File Manager is now available for download. Android users with Android 5.0 or higher installed on their phones can now get the Google Files Go APK and install it on their phones. The new Files Go File Manager seems to be working perfectly well. It has a number of features that make it a very handy file manager.

The Files Go File Manager has a very cool UI. you find the details of your storage in the form of cards. The Files Go explorer tells you what folder or directory in your device occupies how much space and how much space you can clear out by deleting data from that folder. It also gives you the details about temporary files. The storage detail cards have been put together to make it extremely easy for users to free up space in their phones.

The most highlighted feature of the Files Go is the data transfer without an internet connection. If you have used an application like Share It, then you already know how the file transfer can be done. Basically, you need to have Files Go installed on two different phones. Let’s name these devices as device A and B. In order to transfer data between device A and B, one of these devices will become a Mobile Hotspot. The other device will connect to this device’s Hotspot connection and that’s how you will transfer the data. You can transfer GBs of data within the blink of an eye using this process. Apple has already rolled out this feature named as AirDrop. AirDrop has been around for quite a few years now. Android already has a number of third-party applications which can perform such data transfer. It’s just Google that is late to the party with its File Manager.

Files Go Manager is extremely light as well. If you have used other File Managers such as ES File Explorer or any other, and you are tired of the advertisements displayed by those File Managers, then it’s time for you to get the new Google Files Go. Go ahead to download the Google Files Go APK and install it on your phone manually.

Download Files Go APK

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