Files Go is Google’s latest file manager and here’s how you can get it on your phone


Google has been working round the clock on its own file manager to rid you of the pains and endless miseries that you experienced with other releases present in the Google Play Store. Being called Files Go, Google aims to change the way you browse, explore and view files but unfortunately, it is currently in the development phase at the moment.

Files Go is Google’s latest file manager and here’s how you can get it on your phone

Though Google and its impressive list of software developers and engineers have been working round the clock to provide you what could be the best file manager for Android operating systems, there is a way to become an early adopter of the app. No, do not visit the Google Play Store because you will be met with either a broken link or an app that is definitely not Files Go.

Instead, do yourself a huge favor and download the .apk file of Files Go. Keep in mind that this is still the beta version of the application and it is continued to be checked for bugs and other issues prior to being officially launched. If you encounter any problems, you’re free to send Google your thoughts, views and other complaints experienced but chances are that it will take some time for these to get addressed properly.

Still, there is a huge chance that the application will work flawlessly and present you with the best possible replacement as an Android file manager. The only thing you will need to be sure of is your device is running Android 5.0 or higher. Looking at the devices being released in 2017, it will be plain wrong of them to release phones running previous-generation OS updates, as even mid-ranged phones are coming with Android Nougat right off the bat.

Files Go will provide a friendly interface that is card-based and gives you quick details about all the files and folders present on your device.

Do check it out by clicking on the source link below and tell us your experiences.


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