iPhone: Convert MP3 to M4R for iPhone Ringtone

In this Tutorial, I’ll show you how to Convert MP3 to M4R for iPhone Ringtone. We’ll all know that Apple ecosystem is a bit complex so you cannot perform any action as you do it on Android. On Android devices, if we need to set a ringtone of your choice all we have to do is download the that Ringtone in MP3 format. But when it comes to Apple we need an M4R format to set a ringtone. 

You cannot easily find M4R format, but we’ll make it easy for you. Follow the steps below in the guide and set custom ringtones on your Apple device.

Convert MP3 to M4R

Convert MP3 to M4R for iPhone Ringtone:

  • Before moving on, you need to add the song to your iTunes library from which you want to create your ringtone.
  • Open iTunes, Right click on the song and select get info.
  • You’ll be in Songs properties. Click on the options tab.
  • Fill in the start and stop time. Choose the part of the song which you would like to see as your ringtone. Make sure your selection duration must be in 40 seconds.
  • Right-click on the song and select “Create ACC Version”.
  • iTunes will extract the song in M4A format. You’ll see the song in iTunes library in few seconds.
  • Now you have to find the location of converted AAC file. If you are using Windows then right click iTunes and select “Show in Windows Explorer” and if you are using Mac then right click and select ” Show in Finder “.
  • Once you have found the required file, Right Click on it and rename it to “.MPR ” extension.
  • Now once you load up iTunes it will automatically recognize the converted file as a ringtone file. All you have to do is move your file to RIngtone section.

That’s it.  You have successfully converted MP3 to M4R. Now you know how to make custom ringtones for iPhone. Enjoy!

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