Best Spying Apps For your Android Smartphone



You want to be a Spy. Well, I have got Some Apps that The Spy inside you Would Love. these Spy app have great features, I have collected some great applications that have very interesting features, Some of them are worth using on your phone, as a protection feature to keep files safe or to recover them if your Smartphone is stolen or lost.
Nowadays everyone is interested in CIAFBIISIMOSSADMi5.. These Cool Apps can give you an Idea of  Is to be a Spy.


Remember that spying on someone is in some cases illegal, so we recommend using these apps with care.
Here is the List Of Spy Apps For your Android Phone.You Can Check also Check out Top Spying Apps For iPhone And ios Devices here.

  • Automatic Call Recorder (Free) –  This application will allow the user to record a conversation that they have on their device. The app also allows users to set the recorder to start every time or to some specific contact calls.


  • Spy Camera OS (Open Source) (Free) – One way to obtain sensitive information from your enemies is to film them with an app that will do so Silently. This App Can Capture videos and no one will know when you are doing soo.


  • IP Cam Viewer Lite (Free) – This Application is useful in Discovering a Camera that is present somewhere in the room as spy needs privacy this app gives him that.


  • Call, GPS, SMS Tracker (Free) – This app is perfect if you want to know where someone is at all times, who he calls and texts and how much he talks on the phone.007


  • APP Lock (Free) – You can Lock your private apps with the help of this application any app that you don’t want others to know about you can put a lock on it


  • Call Spy (Free) – This application can record calls from specified caller or every caller, which are stored as MP3 format



  • M-Spy (Free) – You can use your android device as a bug. Just put your phone somewhere; where you need to eavesdrop and And when you want to start recording, just send a text message to it and it will start.




  • Ear Spy (Free) – Ear Spy Magnifies voice that is present around you this app is useful if you want to listen to someones conversation in other room or someone Who is sitting on other table in a cafe