Top Spying Apps For your iPhone And iOS Devices


Some days back we posted best spying apps for android.. Then I thought the iPhone Users will Be taken Aback when they Dont See apps for their Device; Soo Here you Go.. I have Got Some Fascinating and interesting apps of Spying For iOS operating Devices

Some of them works better than others, But still Give them a try on your iPhone . If they are useful or not, it’s up to you,. Nevertheless, they are still cool to have and they might get you some laughs at very least.
Some of them are  worth using on your phone, as a protection feature to keep  files safe or to recover them  if your Smartphone is stolen or lost.
Nowadays everyone is interested in CIAFBIISIMOSSADMi5.. These Cool Apps can give you an Idea of  Is to be a Spy..

Remember that spying on someone is  in some cases illegal, so we recommend using these apps with care.
Here is the List For Spy Apps For your Android Phone


  • My Hidden Folder Pro ($0.99) – You can Keep your private and sensitive information in this App .. Where it is locked and safe from others


  • Spy Kit ($0.99) – Offering a number of tools for the  spy, this useful toolbox can be easily accessd and its tools can be  useful in a number of situations.


  • ReconBot ($2.99) – This App Allows you to Record Audio and Video Secretly.. You Can Get your enemies with this app





  • Self Destructing Message (Free) – This app deletes the message after specific time of delivering its a cool app you can Send Sensitive information and then just Stop worrying about it that it might get into wrong hands.


  • Spy Gizmos (Free) – Sharing and sending Secret information Carries a risk; this app Encrypts your message into code so that no one else expect from the person required to read it.


  • Night Vision Camera ($0.99) – A Spy mostly works during night, Soo for that they need NightVision With this App You Can Atleast Pretend you have NightVision.

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