Best eBook Readers Apps for Android Free


Ernest Hemingway has quoted, “There is no friend as a loyal Book”, what a great pleasure it is to have a book along with you all the time and in the form of eBook, it will be more than awesome. We all know that book reading is a very good hobby and many people read books on daily basis. No doubt, it will help us to gain more knowledge and improve our vocabulary. This is the reason why we have collected the best eBook reader apps for Android. So, you can easily read eBooks on your Android devices.


Aldiko Book Reader:

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko is a popular eBook reader app with over 20+ million users from around the world, and what makes it so popular are its amazing features. It supports PDF, epub and DRM formats. The app offers customization reading where you can change the font, background, color, line spacing, alignment, etc. according to yourself. You can bookmark and organize the eBooks by tags and collections. The app has a brilliant user interface with night time reading mode, for stress free reading and it remembers your position and you can start from where you left which is amazing.

FB Reader:

FB Reader

FB Reader is another amazing eBook reader for Android users. It supports 30 different languages and gives you options to customize the font size, alignment and line spacing to give a comfortable reading experience on your devices. The app includes eight catalogs to download books from and you can also customize your own catalog easily. The search tool is efficient and you can search the title from within the catalogs to find what you looking for. You can shift between the day and night reading modes, add bookmarks, copy a phrase that you like to the clipboard and send it to another application. The app supports epub, Mobi, HTML, DOC, text and FB2 formats.

Cool Reader:

Cool Reader

Cool Reader supports various formats including ePub, mobi, HTML, FB2, Doc, text, TCR, PBT and CHM. The app also supports 16 different languages. The customization options include six font styles and you add font styles of your own as well. Similarly, you can add your own backgrounds. You can set four margins and font size as well according to yourself. The app comes with amazing toggle control settings and you can define them as they suit you along with toggling between day and night time reading modes.

Moon+ Reader:

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader has a simple and neat user interface, rich features and customization options. The app lets you toggle between the day and night reading mode as well as you can adjust screen brightness manually as well, to suit yourself. You can change font size, type and color, add highlights and bookmarks and read all type of file formats. The app also includes dictionary to look up difficult and uncommon words, sharing option and backup and restore option which makes the app stand out and provides comfortable reading. The app is brilliant and lets you get thousands of eBooks for free.

Google Play Books:

Google Play Books

Your world can completely change the moment you register and start using Kindle. The app gets you updated with new and popular books and also gives you suggestions on which books you would enjoy reading. While reading a book, you can bookmark the pages, add highlights and notes. You can also use dictionary to look up words and open Wikipedia right from the page you are at. For comfortable reading, you have 3 modes to choose from; day, night and sepia. The app has brilliant user interface and you get the 3D feelings while turning pages. The app has over 400 million book for you to read and also lets you read books in offline mode which is amazing.