5 Best Craigslist Apps for Android [ 2020 ]


I have collected the 5 Best Craigslist Apps for Android devices. Those who don’t know about the Craigslist, they must be living in the cave. Craigslist is the biggest ads posting Website in the US and you will be surprised to know that not only in the US, but it is also popular around the globe.

The best thing about Craigslist is, it’s ad free and the interface is very user-friendly. Not like other ad posting websites that have tons of Ads. If you want to buy anything in the US, your number 1 priority should be Craigslist. You find everything in the listings of Craigslist, as per reports more than 60 million people use Craigslist to buy stuff in the US.

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.

Craigslist was founded in 2005 and you will be shocked to know, they don’t have any official app so far. It seems they never needed one and the good thing is Craigslist has no bad impact over not having an smartphone app.

Since there is no officail Android or iOS app of Craigslist. I have collected a few apps which will help you view, post, and edit ads on Craigslist. Let’s get going now.

5 Best Craigslist Apps for Android:

Following the Android apps which will let you access Craigslist listings on your Android devices.

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CPlus for Craigslist – Officially Licensed:

The first one on my list of Best Craigslist Apps for Android is CPlus. As the name says all, CPlus is the only app that has an official Licensed to use the Craigslist API.

Best Craigslist Apps for Android

CPlus works flawlessly and the user interface is clean and neat. One can easily navigate through menus and listings. If you have used Craigslist you will be well aware of the fact that when you search for something, you will get the listings of a single city. However, when you are using CPlus, it allows you to search for one thing in multiple cities.

You can easily adjust the search settings by using the filter option available on CPlus. Not only search filter, but CPlus also provide you a number of filters to improve your user experience. Filters like price, bundles, payment mode and more. Moreover, the most important feature that will make fell in love with CPlus. It allows you to create or edit your classifieds ads.

Use the following links to download CPlus on Android and iOS devices.

Download CPlus: AndroidiOS


On number two, there is an app called Postings and it is only available for Andorid devices. Not only postings app show you the classified ads form Craigslist, but it also shows ads and listings form other popular websites.

Best Craigslist Apps for Android

It also allows you to search in multiple cities and they also have different layout patterns that can be adjusted according to user needs. Postings app support multiple location searches and you can save your searchers even ads from later.

Postings app has search filters that you can use to refine your search on Craigslist. Overall I like using the Postings app but there is one downside to it. This app has ads and in order to remove them, you have to use the in-app purchase.

In order to download the Postings app on your Android device. Use the following link.

Download Postings: Android.

Daily Craigslist Classifieds:

Daily Craigslist Classifieds is on number three in my list of Best Craigslist Apps for Android. This is not a full-function Craigslist app, it’s more like a web browser that allows you to access the Craigslist ads and classified listings on your Android device.

They made sure that it only serves the basic purpose nothing more. There are no advanced features like in other apps. You can start searching by choosing a city or you can let GPS do that for you. Enter the key phrase and start looking for what you need.

Moreover, the do have on thing I like to add, you can search in multiple cites at a time. Other than that, Daily Craigslist Classifieds is a free app but contains ads. You can remove all the ads by a one-time payment of $2.99.

If you want to download and use the Daily Craigslist Classifieds on your Android devices. Use the following link.

Download Daily Craigslist Classifieds: Android.

CL Mobile:

Next is the CL Mobile and it’s not just for Craigslist ads and listing. You can find classified ads and listings on CL Mobile from all the popular classified ad sites such as Facebook, Google, Locanto and many more.

This app has every basic thing you need to search on Craigslist, you can create an account and start posting your ads and edit them. However, when it comes to UI, I am disappointed because it’s messy and not easy to use. Moreover, you cannot save your favorite searches.

CL Mobile support multiple cities search at once, this app also allows you to save favorite ads for later. I can suggest CL Mobile, not only you will get listings to form Craigslist but also from all the popular classified ads websites. CL Mobile is free to use but it comes with ads and use the in-app purchase to remove ads.

This app is available for both Android & iOS. Use the following links to download the CL Mobile app on your smartphones.

Download CL Mobile: Android | iOS


At number 5 in my Best Craigslist Apps for Android is cPro. Now, cPro may be my last option but you will be amazed to know that cPro allows you to make a purchase using cPro.

Best Craigslist Apps for Android

Yes, you have heard it right. They have in-app currency in the form of coins, you can purchase them using your money and when you purchase any product, you will get a guarantee. That makes your deal more secure and that is why cPro is unique from all the other apps.

Apart from that, you can create your ads and easily edit the ones you have posted before. The interface is clean and user-friendly but not that great. Moreover, cPro is available for free for Android & iOS devices. One other thing about cPro, it’s ad-free.

Download cPro: Android | iOS

Craigslist Apps:

Other than these five apps you can find a number of Craigslist Apps on Google Play and App Store. But none of them are official apps, the main reason behind this is the austere policies. It’s said that all the big classified ads websites use their personal ads and that is not acceptable. Google wants its piece in every app and they are not willing to do so.

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Well let them do what they do, you can use these 5 Best Craigslist Apps for Android for free. Enjoy!

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