AltKeyboard 2 Is Available For iOS 7, The Best Keyboard Tweak Ever


AltKeyboard was first located in iOS 6 and after a really long wait, finally it has been released for iOS 7 as well. For all those who used it on iOS 6 must have been familiar with its amazing features, despite in iOS the amount of features are added and the tweak is enhanced to an ultimate level. It replaces your default keyboard and the one that replaces the original one is far  more better than the original and something you’ve never expected. It’ll bring all the shortcuts that a Keyboard should have and also there is no need to switch between qwerty and numerical keyboard again and again.
The biggest change you will see after activating the AltKeyboard 2 is the alternate keys being placed above the original ones. This will be the best thing you will find in this keyboard and in an unusual pattern, swiping up on the key will bring the alternate one and swiping down will give you the capitalized one. With the help of Shift key you can select the text by swiping left and right. Space bar will give you the power to Copy, Cut and Paste. Backspace key will give you the undo and redo option. The best one is that you can cancel the Autocorrect with the little ‘X’ with the suggestion. Alright, further it is up to you to find out more about it.


Jailbreak your iOS Device.

Since the following tutorial needs an iOS device which is Jailbroken, you need to Jailbreak your device. If your device is still in its normal condition. Follow our Jailbreak Section to find out how to Jailbreak your device.

Download AltKeyboard 2:


  1. Open Cydia.
  2. Search for AltKeyboard 2.
  3. Tap AltKeyboard 2 once the search is over.
  4. Purchase the app and wait for the Install button to appear
  5. Tap Install on the top right corner.
  6. Tap Confirm.
  7. Restart your Device.
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