Edit Videos Like A Pro With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate


Videography has become one of the most adapted professions today. The growing trend of Videography, especially the Vlogging, has urged the software makers to come up with better and powerful tools. There is a handful of Video Editors available in the market today. If you go after a tool that completes all the needs of a Videographer, you may not be able to find any particular tool with all the options. There will always be 1 or 2 features that you will miss. Considering the features that are paid least attention by different tool makers, Wondershare has brought its very own editor that goes by the name Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a complete Video Toolbox.Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Convert Videos Like A Pro With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Convert Videos To Over 1,000 Formats

The name of this tool gives an idea that it’s just a Video Converter, however, that is absolutely not the case. Wondershare has focused on Video Converters in the name because that is the most powerful feature of this tool. Wondershare Video Converter is packed with over 1,000 different formats. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can convert videos to all the popular formats like MP4, MKV, AVI and many others. Whether you want to fix the resolution of the Videos or you want to set the same resolution for a bunch of Videos, this tool will let you do that.

Another cool feature in the Video Converter is that it can automatically optimize a video for platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. If you want to share a Vlog or another Video on one of these tools, you can select the platform in Wondershare Video Converter and then select the resolution that you want. The tool will do the magic.

Apart from converting videos, the tool also converts audio files. You can convert a video file of any format into MP3, M4A, WMV or WMA. There are many other audio formats in the tool. The best part is batch editing. You don’t have to convert the files one by one. If you have too many files, just load them all and edit them all together. It saves all of your converted files in the tool’s directory created in the computer’s Windows drive.


Download Videos Like Never Before

The next feature, that I personally like the most, is the Download feature. Copy a link from any of the websites, and press the paste button in the tool. It will fetch the video or audio, and give you the options for resolution and the type of file you want to get in the end. For example, if you try to download a YouTube video, the tool will give you a list of all the video resolutions and all the audio formats along with the audio quality options as well. I tried downloading a YouTube playlist and this tool did not disappoint me at all.

Burn DVDs, Transfer Files

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can also burn the DVDs. There is no need to use a third-party tool to burn a DVD. Just plug a DVD into your computer and load the files in the Burn Window of the Video Converter. The DVD Maker takes only a few minutes to fully burn A DVD in your selected format.

The Transfer Window in this tool allows its users to transfer the files to other devices that are running the same tool. A user can connect his/her iPhone or Android device to the computer and then use this transfer option to shift any files to the device.

Make GIFs, VR Videos and Record Screen

There are a few more useful options in this tool. For example, if a video or a media file’s metadata is not correct, you can edit it using the “Fix metadata” option. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can also make GIFs for you. It has the screen recording capabilities as well if you want to make some video tutorials on your computer. Since the VR Videos trend is on the uptick, there is an option to convert your videos to VR as well.


Overall, this is one of the best tools to play with your videos. What attracted me the most is the UI part of the tool. Video Toolbox has the most simplistic and the most easy-to-understand UI. It doesn’t matter if you have are a pro or not, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is all self-explanatory. It will merely take 2-3 minutes to master this tool.

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