Best Free WhatsApp Sticker Apps for Android in 2020


Looking for the best WhatsApp Stickier Apps for your phone? Here is the complete list of the best free WhatsApp Sticker Apps for Android.

The introduction of stickers for chatting applications like WhatsApp gave creative people the freedom for create special stuff. Unlike emojis, the stickers are more focused and meme-like. The stickers offer various moods and emotions. For example, the fans of Rick and Morty may install its WhatsApp stickers pack on Android phone and use it like emojis. Now this artwork is not extracted from shows but it’s actually fan art.

When we search for WhatsApp stickers on Play Store, there is a huge plethora of options. However, it is hard to find the best ones out there. Below is the list of best and free WhatsApp stickers for Android phones/tablets. This list contains several picks from categories like anime, movies, cartoons and more. We are sure that you’re going to love all of these.

Additionally, if you are someone who wants to install a WhatsApp stickers app for first time and don’t know how to, then follow this guide:

How to add or remove WhatsApp Stickers [Complete guide with Pictures]

best free whatsapp stickers apps for android

Best WhatsApp Sticker Apps for Android

1: Anime Stickers for WhatsApp

Anime like Naruto, One Piece, One Punch Man, Bleach are some of the most iconic series ever. These are not only famous for their incredible storylines but the way each scene is depicted. Since anime is mostly hand drawn, therefore, the reactions are expressions on characters face are priceless! They produce some of the funniest memes and artworks. 

Naruto and One Punch Man alone are home to some of the best memes ever. Thanks to creative people out there, we get some of the funniest Anime stickers Apps for WhatsApp on Android. Below is the list of apps from different anime. Feel free to go through all of these and choose the best one for yourself. Moreover, follow the guide mentioned above if not sure how to add or remove and WhatsApp stickers app.

Naruto Stickers

Whenever Anime is a topic of discussion, Naruto is always a part of it. It is one of the most watched Anime series of all time. It has given us some of the most iconic moments to remember. You can find some of the funniest and most creative Naruto WhatsApp stickers with this app.

Anime Stickers for WhatsApp

Unlike the previous, there is more variety with this particular app. The cool thing about this app is the fact that it contains stickers that are not actually anime. For example, stickers like Iron Man and Hulk are also present. However, all the stickers are drawn in anime style. Therefore, it adds a bigger dynamic to overall chatting experience. Feel free to check this app out and leave your review below.

2: Cartoon Stickers for WhatsApp

Some people love the cute cartoon stickers in their chats. There are literally hundreds of thousands of cartoon characters to date. Therefore, it is not possible to just pinpoint one as the best. Therefore, the best creators collect and compile the best stickers into one place. Moreover, some creative people make their own characters and the stickers are different variations of these characters. Following are some of the best cartoon Stickers apps for WhatsApp. Feel free to leave your feedback about these apps.

Marshmallow Sticker for WhatsApp

Light up your chat with one of the most lovable cartoon stickers characters; Marshmallow. Now, note that this is not the cartoon stickers version of music producer we know and love. It is actually a copy of cartoon character from Allo app by Google. In fact, this app contains the entire marshmallow family of stickers. Feel free to enjoy these stickers and leave your feedback in the comments below.

10 Sticker Packs for WhatsApp

Best of the cartoon stickers from telegram are available here. This includes cute cartoon characters of cat, whale, doggy, bears and more. Each of these characters is personally customized and available in various moods and expressions.

ZeroHart WhatsApp Sticker Collection

ZeroHart is a special cartoon character and it is a collection of its possible expressions and moods. Spice up WhatsApp chats with ZeroHart WhatsApp sticker App. It is one of the more diverse collection available. You get an appropriate sticker for pretty much any mode.

3: Animal Stickers for WhatsApp

Talking of cute stickers, how can we leave the adorable animal stickers out of the list. Some apps provide the most adorable Animal WhatsApp stickers for Android. Note that these are the real images but cartoon re-creations of these creatures. These cute stickers include the likes of monkeys, koalas, cats, dogs and many more. 

WAStickerApps – Friends Stickers for WhatsApp

Chat with stickers of animals like Koalas, monkeys, raccoons, dogs, cats, pandas and many more. With each update, a new set more than one set of stickers is added. The latest addition was the fox stickers set. All of the stickers in WAStickerApps are in flat design. Therefore, they look both cute and clean. It does not make the chat awkward or weird looking. 

4: Meep WAStickers

Familiar with FB Messenger stickers? These are unique characters and now use those in WhatsApp with Meep WAStickers App. If described in one sentence, the meep stickers are basically basic emojis on steroids. These are gigantic characters and look quite funny to be honset. If you’re a fan, feel free to try these out and add a new pack of stickers to your WhatsApp.

5: Earthy – WASticker App

Love mother Earth? Then feel free to use the cute Earth character as the WhatsApp sticker for your chats. This is a complete reimagination and complete set of emotions depicted by planet earth herself. How can someone not want it? Feel free to download it and install it on your phone. We would love to know your thoughts on it.

6: Meme Stickers for WhatsApp

Go back few years and meme was not even a word. How did it come to be? And how did this format get so famous? Nobody knows. But, we absolutely love them. Good memes can really make a difference in spreading opinions or information. The latest Pewdiepie vs T-Series meme garnered over 30 Million subs for Felix in less than 6 months. It is something that nobody could even think of! 

Well, over the years we have witnessed a lot of great memes. Some may consider old memes dead. However, a meme is dead only if you forget about it. Below is the collection of both classic and new meme WhatsApp sticker apps for Android.

Meme Stickers for WhatsApp

Fan of the old and classic? Well, you’ll find some of the oldest and dankest memes on this app. Whether looking for pepe the frog or rage memes. It is all available in one place. 

Dump Trump for WhatsApp

The ginger ball that Americans call their president, is one of the most popular memes! Ranging from his hilarious tweets and some questionable actions, Donald Trump has managed to become a part of meme roaster. Therefore, use this app to use Trump as your favorite meme sticker in WhatsApp.

Dank Memes sticker pack

Dank memes? Who doesn’t want them? Well, the fans of old and classic will certainly love this stickers pack for WhatsApp. It is the collection of old and new memes like rage memes and more. Since the developers do not really keep the updated, you may be stuck with old memes only. However, this is not an issue. Keep installing new apps to add new stickers to WhatsApp. 

Meme stickers

Some more meme stickers for the fans of doggy memes? Hell yeah! This pack contains some of the most memorable and funny memes from doggy memes era.

7: Games Stickers for WhatsApp

Just like some people love anime and its stickers, while other love cartoons and memes. There is a community of gamers and they should get their own stickers too. Below is a list of apps with Gaming stickers for WhatsApp. We may keep updating this list based on the availability. Therefore, keep tabs on this page to get more stickers packs in future.

Counter Sticker WAStickerApps

CS:GO is one of the most famous First-Person shooters on PC. It is up there as one of the most skill-hungry games. CS produced gems like Shroud whose aim is literally better than any aimbot! Moreover, companies like Dreamhack hold various competitions throughout the year to help pro players make a living and make names for themselves. Counter Sticker app provides team stickers as well as CS:GO related memes in form of stickers. Feel free to download the CS:GO stickers for WhatsApp with this app. 

8: Stickify: Stickers for WhatsApp

Choose from a collection of various cartoonish and romantic stickers. This is a huge collection from various genre. Whether you’re looking for some funny stickers, cute cartoon character or some romantic stickers for loved ones, it has got it all. Stickify is one of the more complete feeling stickers App for WhatsApp.

9: Christmas Stickers For Whatsapp

Christmas is the holy day for Christians all around the world. It holds special significance among special days. Being one of the most celebrated events, it is but natural to install a special Christmas Stickers pack for WhatsApp. You get one of the finest collections for Christmas stickers here. 

Feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments below. We will keep updating this list as new promising stickers apps for WhatsApp come on Play Store.


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