WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK V1.93 for Android Devices


WhatsApp was taken down and after that, we have seen tons of replica of WhatsApp Plus with different names. But today I have the latest version of WhatsApp Plus which is called WhatsApp Plus Reborn. It’s the same as WhatsApp Plus and you will get the main features of original WhatsApp Plus in this MOD. In this article, I will tell you all about WhatsApp Plus Reborn and you will be able to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK

WhatsApp Plus Reborn:

Aren’t those apps currently run by modern Android smartphones? Messaging client, a Google service, Facebook social networking applications, and the most popular application: WhatsApp. This application of instant messaging and chat extended and used by many users, even if we think that this is not the best tool of the genre, we must almost use.

As a result, the most avid developers meet in a series of modified versions of the MOD or the original applications for sending messages, emoji, child, photos, or videos, such as WhatsApp Plus Reborn, in this way “official application in various forms. New features of the additional restrictions on the types of compatible files or their sizes.

Main features of WhatsApp Plus Reborn:

WhatsApp Plus Reborn is not new in any way, it was launched back in 2016 but at that time it didn’t get the limelight. Moreover, WhatsApp Plus Reborn has to compete with the likes of YOWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and more. So it got washed away but now after using it I can still say that WhatsApp + reborn hasn’t lost its touch.

Following are the main features of the WhatsApp Plus Reborn, these will help you understand why you should download WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK and give it a try.

  • Easily send all the multimedia content to your contacts.
  • You can add up to 50 participants in your group.
  • Anti Banning.
  • Tons of Themes you can choose from.
  • Add unique colors to your notifications.
  • You can hide your online status.

Download WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK:

Since WhatsApp doesn’t authorize editing their source code without there permission. That is why MOD’s like WhatsApp Plus Reborn is not available on the Google Play.

Moreover, in order to use such MOD’s you have to go with the APK and that’s what I am providing. You can download the latest version fo WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK from the following links below.

Install WhatsApp Plus Reborn:

Step1: Download the WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK from the link above and make sure you directly download WhatsApp Plus Reborn on your device.

Step2: Locate the APK and Tap on it to start the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

Step3: Once installed, Launch WhatsApp Plus Reborn on your device and set up as you normally do while installing WhatsApp first time on your Android device.

That’s all.

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