Top 5 features of Amazon Fire Phone

Fire phone is the first smart phone designed by Amazon, the widely used site for online shopping all around the world. Amazon Fire phone has been introduced with dynamic features all in one phone, this fast and powerful phone has made its position in the best sellers of the year already. I have discussed the top 5 features introduced in this smartphone that makes it distinctive.



Firefly is a very interesting feature that is linked directly with Amazon and is recognized by it. Firefly can identify things such as books, albums, movies, music, food, television shows, games and the list goes on. It can scan the barcode, identify the products, show its Amazon ratings, etc.

The fire phone comes with a dedicated firefly button on the side which can be used to buy stuff anytime, anywhere and within 2 to 3 seconds.

Point and Shoot and Buy

You see something interesting and want to purchase it, you can instantly point at it whether its an album cover, a book cover, a television show or anything else of your interest, the phone will give you access to the information of that product including its name even if its not known. You can then buy it through Amazon.

3D Everywhere

The device has been introduced with four cameras on the front to give a dynamic perspective. The device will move along with your head’s movement which is actually very impressive when experienced in person.  The phone knows where your head resides and adjusts accordingly, giving real time changes to see different aspects of the same image. This feature is very useful during activities such as map reading.

Mayday, Mayday!

You do not have to get lost or confused at any point now. By the help of Mayday, you will have complete assistance all the time and a customer support representative will appear on the screen to guide you in 15 seconds or less over Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G.


SDK is also included in the Fire phone which is helpful as it allows the third party apps to take advantage of the four cameras on the front. You can enjoy the games, movies and videos from 3rd party developers that support the 3D feature on your device. This is cool and good news for 3D gamers.

These are only the top 5 features of the Amazon fire phone and it still has alot more interesting features rolled up the sleeve. The device is currently available for pre-orders only.

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