The Cleaner Spruces Up Your Android Device Outright!


Android malware is a very common thing now, especially with the growing number of apps and advertisements which act as Trojan horses. Beside the virus that your Android device is vulnerable to, a major factor which might slow your device down incredibly is system junk or cache. Cache is basically the unused and non-required application junk which is stored on your device. Some applications even store GBs of Cache junk! So, what do you do when your Android device is full of junk files that slows it down incredibly? Worry not, for we’ve got an amazing application awaiting for your slow device to spruce it up. Today, we will be having a quick look on an application available on the Google Play Store named ‘The Cleaner‘.

First, we will be talking about the design language of the application, and then we’ll be having a look at the key aspects which make this application one of the best cleaners on the Google Play Store! Let’s start!

The Cleaner – App Review

The Looks

The Cleaner follows a design language which is slightly different than Google’s Material Design. While you woul

d take some time to get accustomed to it, we’ve had no problem with the beauty of this application from Day 1 of our usage. The application uses clean solid color schemes, and with beautifully portrayed buttons and icons for different functions.


Other than that, The Cleaner has one feature that it has to offer which no other application alike does on the Android Play Store. This feature is none other than the capability to change themes. The Cleaner comes pre-loaded with 5 different themes, and they’re incredibly cheap. Moreover, The Cleaner offers neatly laid out tabular view of different options, more on that later. Long story short, you will be taken aback that an application as such is so beautifully crafted with so many customization options.



The Cleaner is not the only application on the Google Play Store when it comes to such utility basis. However, in such a small package as only 6 MB, it is jaw-dropping how it holds so much functionality. Below, we’ll be having a look at the various options and the key aspects which keep The Cleaner out of the crowd.

  • Optimize Device : With this application, you guys will have the ability to delete the cache files, free up space
    GooglePlay_ScreenShots_ScreenShot3_v1.4-576x1024which you think is being held by unused apps and files.
  • Game Booster : The Cleaner also holds a feature which gamers might show interest in. Whenever you launch any game, this application automatically kills all the background processes to result in perfect gaming experience.
  • Privacy : The Cleaner lets you find and uninstall applications which might have control over your private applications which hold crucial SMS, MMS, and videos.
  • Other Nifty Features : Scheduled Maintenance allows a timely boosting experience which will save your time, and boost up your Android device at the same time. The Cleaner also allows you to batch uninstall applications.



If you ask our personal experience with the application, we’d force you to take your Android device out, launch the Google Play Store, and right away install this flawless application. Our testing period with this application has proved that it not only breezes the junk files off of your device, but it also relieves your stress.

Download The Cleaner for Android

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